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Aug 29, 2010
We would have more quality if we keep Pjanic and sign Ndombele and Sergej, even if I want Pogba the most of all, the 3rd piece in your scenario with Pogba would be Rabiot, and he is way weaker player then the mentionned options.

But neither scenario will happen because we aint signing two signings that are each worth 70m atleast, especially after we got freebie Ramsey.
I'm honestly surprised how low you rate rabiot Osman

I'm not a fan of selling Pjanic. In fact i would keep him and focus on the other two cm's. one more controller, the other more forward minded, both good organisatorily, technically and at passing

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There should be no 2nd offer if that's the case.
Rabiot has had offers from all across europe. Its no strange thing he's doing this

Question i'm having is what is his current salary
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