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Oct 20, 2004
Biggiest evidence yet that you are just pretending to be a Juve fan.

Not since Molinaro has their been a player that makes Juve fans celebrate like it's 1999 just to get rid of him for a year.

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Give space for new commers they need time , lets increase out fan base ... 🐣


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Jul 15, 2017
We loaned his ass, and he is still around until he's fit. Incredible.
Does he really want to go to Portugal? See his plan to have injury progress like Howedes, collect his salary which is great for what he produces, and hangs around for as long as possible ..... say like 2021.

First day back to training in summer of 2019 team sees player sporting a full beard and 15 pounds heavier ..... "holy shit, Gonzalo's back" ..... no it's only Stu.:sergio:

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