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The Real MC
Jul 30, 2006
1. Season = Serie A
2. Season = Serie A + Cup / CL Semi
3. Season = Serie A + CL
4. Season = NOTHING
5. Season = NOTHING
6. Season = Serie A + Cup + CL
7. Season = Only the Cup.. 2' in Serie A.. CL FINAL against Arsenal..
8. Season = The Treble :D Serie A + Cup + CL ! :D

And i just got Pato from Milan for 154.000.000 €uro :D
you really need a life :D


The Real MC
Jul 30, 2006
Hey, at least I found my life this year. :D I have this game at home for a month and I haven´t even installed it.
Did your gf threaten to unleash secrets? :D

In my first season i have ruled the world. I was playing as two managers, Michael Cutajar as Juventus manager and John Smith as Wigan manager. With Juve i won the Serie A by 8 points over Inter, while with Wigan i shocked the world by winning the premiership, i shocked myself as well, i finished ahead of arsenal by 5 points, proud day in the life of a true manager :D

My Buys:

With Juve:

I made killings! Inter fucked up BIG time and i took full advantage getting 3 players and getting rid of Bum Bum as well :D
First i made friends with Mancini in the press, then i noticed they needed a CB and i needed a good RB, so i offered 10 million + Bum for Maicon(who is a great RB), i was expecting it to be rejected, instead they accepted it!!! I signed him and got rid of Boum at the same time. I was overjoyed at their stupidity. I then checked his personal status and saw that he was friends with Adriano and Samuel. Samuel started complaining about the sale of Maicon, and Mancini transfer listed him! I got him for a bargain, his value was 15 million, and he was transfer listed at 10 million! I bid, they accepted, he signed. I couldn't believe how stupid Mancini was! Then i receive a message from Adriano's agent, saying he is unhappy at the club and wants to leave, and i was mentioned as a club he would like to go to. I went to bid and he was transfer listed at 20 million, i offered 15 and they accepted! So i signed 3 excellent players for 40 million. I then saw that i had 40 million left over between transfer budget and wages, so i tried my luck and bid 35 million for Aguero, they didn't accept but instead asked for 40 million and some clauses, i accepted immediately before they could change their minds lol, and he signed. I think i deserve a round of applause for these killings...but wait its not over. In March, Pirlo and Milan had a fight, and i saw he was unhappy, i offered 23 million hoping Milan would be as stupid as their neighbours...and guess what they were :D He signed and joined me in the summer.
I've also signed Viviano on a free transfer, Gasbaronni on a free, Lulinha for a million i think.

With Wigan i got two of my created players on loan from Juve for two seasons. One won goldenboot winner of all Europe with 74 points, the other won world player of the year, and european player of the year. I also bought Bogdan Lobont for 4.9 million, he was the best goaler in the premiership, i also bought Simunic for 7 million. And at the end of the year bought Merida for 9 million and Antonio valencia for 5.25 million.

Both of my teams are now in the Cl.

With Juve i won the Coppa Italia beating Roma in the final, while with Wigan i lost in the final of the FA Cup against Chelsea on penalties, after being 2-0 up with 5 minutes to go :cry:

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