[Serie A] Roma 2-2 Juventus [September 27th, 2020] (4 Viewers)


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Senior Member
Mar 16, 2013
Pirlo fucked up really bad today, for all the clear cut reasons everybody mentioned, and which were expected from the get go.

This was a win game btw, Roma is absolutely shit.

And the level of fuckup is not warranted from rookie coaches either. It steems from his boldness. He has to be humble enough to correct them ASAP, like the Cuadrado experiment.

This was unexpected, honestly. The reaction ingame to the mistakes wasn't good too. Time will tell, let's see.
He definitely messed up today, but I'd rather have a bold coach who makes mistakes early on and learns from them than someone who doesn't try anything new at all. Roma away is always a tough fixture for us, we've only won there 3 times in the last 10 years, (with 4 defeats), so the result itself isn't bad.
Also, his substitutions were good (apart from keeping Rabiot on for too long).


Senior Member
Apr 25, 2013
Morata started bc Cuadrado started at LB. Loved the Cuadra LB experiment as much as Frabrotta one. Sometimes they work, other times they don't, but you gotta have balls and take risks at right times, and the time was right at start of the season before the end of mercato.

Missed most of second half but vintage defensive performance by Danilo and Bonucci in first and Cuadra caught out almost every time during transition from attack to defense. :lol:

Looked like a 1-2 game, should've been a 1-2 win, but wtf was that second goal? Lol. Looked like a 90th minute Hail Mary with everyone forward.


Ageing Veteran
Jan 26, 2009
A point won rather than two points dropped. A draw away to Roma is never a terrible result, and we showed a lot of grit and determination after going down to 10 men.

I wasn't too pleased with how we left wide open spaces for Roma to exploit, but we actually seem to have a playing style, a plan, and Pirlo just needs time to figure things out.


Senior Member
Feb 29, 2012

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He may not be, but clearly Rabiot isn't ready either.
With Rabiot we have a double standards.He got the second yellow and Pellegrini didn't.Not bitching like a Inter fan but that's true

- - - Updated - - -

Del Piero already acts as a Sky Pundit.Says that Inter and Atalanta are the favorites for winning the league.
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Buck Fuddy

Lara Chedraoui fanboy
May 22, 2009
I thought Roma was really good for a big part of the game. Maybe because I didn't expect it from them, but I was impressed. It won't last.
Our midfield duo of McKennie - Rabiot was terrible. Same goes for the Bonucci-Chiellini combo. And you know you've got a problem when Danilo is your best player on the pitch.
There's this one Roma player we really could use: Spinazzola :wallbang:


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2012
Not enough time to experiment preseason so unfortunately pirlo will try certain things early on in the season. In this case it was detrimental. Result could have been worse.

Really looked poor when roma were on the counter attack...just left so many gaps.
Gotta applaud his ballsy move nonetheless.
With his attitude we will be champions of Europe soon


Junior Member
Aug 31, 2015
Cuadrado didn't do that badly at left wing back but I think its better to start Fabrotta at left back in the next match. For the match against Roma, I would like to see this:






If Dybala is not yet fit, then play Kulu up front with Ronaldo and have Ramsey behind the front 2.
agree with that formation 100%, this looks like the best we could start at the moment


Grazie Mirko
Jan 16, 2011
Why do people keep placing Kulusevski at CAM? He's shown no signs of being the solution there. Right winger or right striker.

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