[Serie A] Juventus 3-0 Frosinone [February 15th, 2019] (6 Viewers)


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Nov 25, 2005

Resting the entire starting XI doesn’t work, we’ve seen it backfire miserably.
It’s better to rest a couple of players who’ve been playing non stop and bring them on later in the game. Also, I doubt Ronaldo would pass up on an opportunity to rack up his goal tally against the weakest team in the league.
Why? When have we ever done that?
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Aug 21, 2010
CR7 will be rested for this one for sure. Keep him (and preferably Mandzu) wrapped in cotton wool for the Atletico games tbh.
Ronaldo is in monster shape, I hope for another beasty performance bagged with a brace or even a hat-trick to boost his ego even more for the Atletico game. Two solid awesome games and he may rest for the Bologna game after CL, they are terrible anyway...

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