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Sep 21, 2008
Roma's back line under EDF has been all over the place. One CB is playing a trap, one is covering. Fullbacks are never in line. Sometimes they are playing high against a 9 man team and they concede. Sometimes they are playing 3 at the back with players who never play.

I thought Roma's organization all year has been really poor. Huge gaps in midfield every match.

I don't really know what the thought was against Porto. It was like a 3-4-2-1 and Porto scored almost immediately. Just play 4-5-1 and counter, game is over.


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Aug 10, 2017
Honestly I was hoping they don't sack him. He couldn't do much with the squad he was given. If Monchi to Arsenal rumors are true, he was the one who should've been fired on the spot.

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EDF is not the main party responsible for Roma's current situation, but he's not blameless either. He kept changing the formation.
Obviously Roma midfield has been in disarray due to the signing of nzonzi and cristante plus dzeko has not been in the same form as well as the flop signing of Olsen and Schick


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Dec 19, 2003

Monchi too? lol

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