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Oct 29, 2004
now i no hes been great for us in the fast but lets face it we need money to buy people like cassano

DP is not exactly worth much so shouldnt we think of offloading trez for good money while hes still got years on contrct and cassano is still available

Hes not exactly firing and Zlatan can easily to his big man job and chip in with goals

Just a thought i had, hes actually not needed by club

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Jan 7, 2004
trezeguet and cassano are two different players. we need people like trezeguet while cassano at the moment is not needed.

how do you expect trezeguet to "fire" right after 4 months of injury


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Dec 19, 2003
They we're thinking of seliing him this season before Capello convinced him to stay.

If we get Gilardino I don't mind if we sell Trez.


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Mar 9, 2004
We will have no hitman striker if we sell trez. Cassano is more the type of player to hang further back (at least from what ive seen of him)


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Oct 27, 2004
We do fine without him and we play like 10 men with him, so lets sell him and get Cassano :D


Sep 23, 2003
His form is crap, so he won't go for much interest these days. But if we keep a healthy Zlatan, he seems a bit useless as another tall forward.


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Feb 13, 2005
i think casanos contract runs up in 2006 so mogi should ofer him more money then sesni
and with romas financial situation bringing casano to juve would be peace of cake
its simple sell trez and get casano


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Apr 22, 2003
Ha, Trezeguet has had 4 bad matches after coming back from injury (even though he scored in his first match back), and people are already talking about selling him. Del Piero has 4 bad seasons, and everyone still wants to give him a chance. Ridiculous.

Regardless of whether we should actually sell Trez or not, this is all a bit rushed, don't you think?

Trez is a lazy and invisible player, but that's the unfortunate trade-off for his deadly efficiency when chances fall to him. I don't like his style of play, nor am I saying that we can't find a better player, but until we have someone who can score as consistently as him and get involved in the build-up play, we have to keep him.

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