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Jul 31, 2002
I'd love to hear any stories of the extents to which Juve fans go to to see or hear an important know...tell the boss you've broken your leg and can't get to work because there's a Juve match on ESPN, just to turn up the next morning miraculously healed. Or how about missing a college report deadline and telling your lecturer that the dog eat your thesis....go on...tell me, tell me,tell me!!!!


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Dec 31, 2000
Well actually, last year I downloaded like 5 games from Nekton's ftp, each one taking 2-5 days to complete in order to get any Serie A action at all even though I would barely find the time to see that match before the next league round.

Speaking of the CL, I sat in front of my computer for 3 hours trying to order tickets through the server which is crap and can't handle shit. The alternative is to order by phone, in that case you'll be stuck on the line, on hold, for 2 hours or something.

Not Juve related, I repeated the same stunt a few days ago to get CL tickets though this time no Juve. I'm not even sure the order came through this time.


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Jul 31, 2002
I, of course, have never done anything deceitfull to see Juve or Celtic...but I have this friend right...hehe...who once attended the funerals of THREE of his grannies over one football season (Celtic away games). Another friend told his wife he was going on a business trip to the south of England. His appendix burst...and his wife had to come visit Portugal.... were Celtic were playing.


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Aug 1, 2002
I am a heart surgeon and there was this guy who needed a heart transplant on the same day as juve-inter!!! i wasnt going 2 miss it 4 the world, so i took a tv 2 the operating room. everything turned out fine, except i mistook the heart for a liver, no just kidding, the guy was fine. when juve scored i screamed so loud the guy nearly woke up!! bas when inter tied, i was soo angry that i didnt cont. the operation and another dr did the rest.


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Jul 12, 2002
Stripper and Dj juve please give us a break, what a load of bull, Striper you are a heart surgeon and in at least 2 of your posts, you are saying we should go kill people and who is with you, while Dj Juve, what happened after you punched your bro, did he just let you watch peacefully for 90 minutes?

Layce Erayce

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Aug 11, 2002
I pretended to sprain my ankle and skipped church so I could watch serie A match last season. It was the first time I did that though.

So anyways I turned on the box, and flipped the channels. I dint know what the hell it was, And I came in while the match was going on.

It was Inter-Lazio. The end score was 4:2,

The funny thing was tho that I didnt know what the hell was going on, even after I saw crowds of people, many with juve shirts on screaming. I switched it off for a sec, trying to make sense of it all....and then attempted to uppercut myself in the face before switching it on again.

Well the rest as they fanaticism!

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