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Aug 1, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Evelyn8 ] ++
Do they send Calcion public television in Beirut?
no we get illgegal cable here for like 10 bucks a month, we get about a hundered channels that would cost 1000$+ per month if we were 2 do it legally. ye but theres a channel called abu dhabi sports and its connected 2 showtime, its in arabic, its awesome, they show like 3-4 live serie A games per week and CL games. theres is also a dutch channel called +bleu and +roud (i think its supposed 2 be red in dutch). ye they also show CL and a bit of Serie A. we also get canal plus in french witch shows serie A on sundays, sometimes on sats. Im studying in a university and i was going 2 transfer 2 australia 2 study, but when i heard they had no Serie A i changed my mind. :greedy:

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