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Aug 21, 2010

Damn, just heard, get well soon, Sami! I am even a couple years younger than him and I`m already taking medicines for heart/high blood pressure each morning, irregular heartbeat is very common nowadays, it may not be life threatening serious, but its no joke at all, troube/heavy breathing cannot be ignored. With him being a professional athlete and as we are in year 2019 he should be fine though, even if he needs a surgery he`ll recover quickly. Licht indeed had to take a heart surgery and judging by the reports Khedira has the same problem, Stephan was our for 38 days after the surgery so expect Sami to be back just in time for Game of Thrones premiere in April. Wish you well, big game Sami!


Mar 23, 2015
Khedira treated for heart problem
By Football Italia staff

Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira will be back in a month after his heart problem was successfully treated.
Khedira was ruled out of Juve’s Champions League last-32 first leg against Atletico Madrid on Wednesday with an irregular heartbeat.
However, a medical report on the club’s official website reads: “Today in the morning the player Sami Khedira underwent electrophysiological study and successful interventional therapy with ablation of an arrhythmogenic atrial focus, performed by Prof. Fiorenzo Gaita, JM cardiologist consultant for Juventus.
“After a short period of convalescence the above mentioned player will be able to resume his activity approximately within one month.”
The German, who has scored two goals in 15 appearances this season, could miss the Bianconeri’s next six games, among them a Serie A trip to Napoli and the second leg of their Champions League tie with Atleti.


"above mentioned player" though :sergio: our club's communication sometimes... :shifty:

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