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Nov 16, 2001
I don't know if this is the right word, but which are the most ugly/roughy players in football history.

Mine are:

Schumacher, the german goalkeeper who kicked down the french defender Battiston in Spain 82


Paolo Montero
our own Paolo Montero gets a spot on this list, with the record in red cards he deserves it.

Julian Dicks
This West ham player seemed to be one of the roughiest players the world has ever seen. Only seen on videos.


Dennis Wise
One of my favourite players, who now plays in one of my favourite clubs. Another bad guy, but who could do it with style.

Vinnie Jones
No comments necessary, a real asshole.

Lee Bowyer
Another fav who perhaps doesn't really deserve this place.

Roy Keane
I almost forgot this man, wonderful player but with a few dirty tricks.

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Jun 9, 2003
And you have to have Alan Smith and Eric Cantona form a striking partnership.

Alan smith is the dirtiest player currently in the premiership, and has most red cards and ugly tackles and not to mention he beat up that pakistani student with lee bowyer.

And Cantona? that karate kick on the fan. Birllian. Classic :D


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Dec 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Zambrotta ] ++


Paolo Montero
our own Paolo Montero gets a spot on this list, with the record in red cards he deserves it.
yeah, but at least he's not like that anymore. I only remember him getting like one or two yellow cards last year.

I'd like to add Marco Materazzi to the list... bloody wanker :groan: He's such a prick... and you all know what I'm talking about.

And maybe Thomas Gravesen... all though he's learning to behave himself, he's still one bad mofo on a football field.


Mar 6, 2003
Erik Cantona and his reckless behaviour.

Roy Keane, for admitted to break the leg of a guy on purpouse.

Luis enrike, he is not a super foul man,,but all we know that he is a devil.

Hristo Stoichkov


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Dec 16, 2002
Enrique is brilliant, I mean nobody in the world can annoy Real fans like him.:D.

Materazzi is probably dirtiest player, IMO, and as Zambrotta mentioned Schumacher has to top the all time list. Had I been one of French players in that match, I would have punched Schumacher on the face.;)


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Jul 17, 2002
i have a questions for you who know Barca well.

Are all the "Spanish" players in Barca from the Catalonia Province?


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Jul 14, 2002
Goalkeeper(s): Schumacher
Defender(s): Marco Materazzi, Paolo Montero (not this season, but from the past)
Midfielder(s): Lee Bowyer, Roy Keane, Gennaro Gattuso (not really this season)
Striker(s): Alan Smith, Erik Cantona
Sep 28, 2002
i remember that tackle thar smith made in leeds valencia second leg when leeds lost 3-0. i felt sorry for that guy (smith). i probably would've done same think. you're ****ing teen, you're losing CL semi and you can't do anything about it. but behaving like that is bad and condemn that ;)

i'd include davisds, vieira, tacchinardi to that list? no comments on that?

also zidane. 01/02 season juve , wc98. quite hot tempered guy. but he really doesn't deserve a place in this list.


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Jan 24, 2003
If we can go into the past (and the thread-started included Vinnie Jones, so why not), it has to be Gentile, the Italian U21 coach.

I saw a couple of minutes of consecutive footage of him 'marking' Maradonna years ago. He spent the whole time kicking him, pinching, scratching, punching, elbowing.

I saw an interview with an old English international, who remembered Gentile for a track where he'd knock you down, and offer his hand to help you get up. As he lifted you to your feet, he'd dig his nails into your hand. If you reacted, you looked bad in front of the referee.

And how about Miguel Nadal, the Beast of Barcelona? Dirty enough?

For midfield, guys like Johnny Giles and Billy Bremner of the Leeds side of the 70's were possibly the dirtiest midfield duo of all time.


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Jun 4, 2003
goal keeper : schumacher, but the worst is kahn :fero:

defender : NESTA (remeber what he did to nedved last season ?)

midfielder : davids :D, gravesen (agree with kalle at this point)

attacker : is there somethink like that ? anyway koller :LOL:

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