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Jun 16, 2020
Come on Bro. Be realistic. KDB is beyond our means.

I meant target available players (Pogba aside) who would actually improve this team - no more stopgaps and quick fixes.

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Aouar is still young and possesses tons of potential. He has experience of playing big games in both Ligue 1 and the CL.

Isco has had some decent games, but he's incredibly inconsistent, and I just don't see him as someone capable of shouldering the responsibility. He strikes me as a player who lacks mental fortitude. He could be a luxury signing, but not a player we should build around. He's also 28 years old, so should we bring him in and should he fail, we're stuck with an overpaid under performing player with no resale value in 2 years.

Dybala can operate in a front two as a support striker, or as a false nine. Dybala is the least of our problems. I love the dude, but I am not without reason. If you bring in someone like Mbappe to replace him, then sure. It doesn't have to be like for like, but you could also include him in a deal for Pogba + cash to buy someone else too.

However, sacrificing him for the likes of Luolcacku (was about to happen) or to bring in someone like Fagjinho would be beyond retarded. He is our most important and marketable player after CR7.
I agree with you. Isco is a nice player, so much flair and technical gifted. He is the Guti of this decade. Guti had a bigger reputation and did more for Real, but was very inconsistent.

We should be aiming for high potential players like De Ligt, Aouar, Zaniolo, Kulusevski. I know Paratici is hated here after the Dybala saga, but I feel he’s doing all right on the young players part.

Aouar was very strong against us. Baller.


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May 29, 2005
Can we talk about his defensive contribution? Can we talk about how much he tracks back? Can we talk about how we are fucked if he gets injured and we don't have any depth in the CM's on deck?

Can we talk?


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Feb 22, 2019
Isco with his natural talent should be a starter at Real, however he isn't. The problem is not technically but mentally like many talented players he doesn't do the maximum to exploit his potential, isn't ronaldo who wants.
Isco is way too soft, like a typical crybaby spaniard who's physical presence is equal to 14 year old boy. I want warriors, i want dynamic players instead of these jogging paychecks.

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