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Feb 7, 2011

It was nearing the end of the year-long farewell tour of the world-famous band Fecal Samatar. Klin, the guitarist, had been having a massive disagreement with their drummer, Zacheryah over protein supplements which was looking like it was going to end with someone's head smashed into the bass drum. Mohad, the bassist, was just watching from the corner while the lead-singer, Voller, was giving himself a home-perm in the bathroom. No one knew why he insisted on perming his hair, considering the fact that no one had ever actually seen what Voller looked like. All promotional shots had his face pixelled out, or replaced by a giant dolphin head due to his reputation for having a huge blow hole.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door of the green room. "Is that my box of Vaseline?" Voller called from the bathroom.

"No boys, just me with someone who'd like to meet you." It was Alen, their manager, accompanied by one of the band's more determined groupies, Bezzy. She'd had them all once, all but Voller, and tonight was going to be the night. She had brought the Vaseline.

"We're going on in 10 minutes, we don't have time for this," said Zach, thankful for the intrusion which was keeping Klin at bay. As Bezzy went to knock at the bathroom door, a couple of roadies piled into the room to ask about Klin's guitars. Qwisto and Ocelot had been on the road with the band for years, and recognized Bezzy as soon as they saw her. They'd had her too.

As the arguments continued and Bezzy started to jimmy the lock to the toilets, the lights suddenly went out and a scream was heard throughout the venue.

"What the hell was that!?" said Mohad.

Confusion reigned for another few minutes until the lights finally came up and a voice came over the loudspeaker.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid there's been a murder in the box office and the venue is on lock-down until the police arrive." The fear in the voice of the venue owner, Fr3sh, was palpable.

"What now?" the band all looked to their manager for answers.

Meanwhile, out in the lobby, fans were growing restless. "Is the show going to go on?" asked Basel, the president of Fecal Samatar's international fan club. Maddy and campionesidd, the club's VP and treasurer, respectively, nervously clutched at their pile of photos they were hoping to get signed and looked around for any trace of Alen, who could give them some answers.

"Can I get you boys a drink while you wait?" asked ILiveforJuve, the bar tender. He'd worked at this venue for years, ever since his marriage and subsequent divorce to his housekeeper. "You look like you could use some tequila."

As shots were being poured, shots were also being fired.

"What the fuck?" said blondu, who was only there because his kids loved the brand of ambient ethnic folk metal that was Fecal Samatar's trademark sound.

"Someone's been shot! Again!" cried dodo, the box office manager, as he ran to escape the venue.

"Not so fast!" said the man who was coming in the door at the same time dodo was trying to leave. It was the head of Fecal Samatar's record label, Chickenegro, InterMerda. "No one leaves until we find out who's behind this. The record mafia have been active in this town for too long, but now we might finally have them trapped."

"That's right!" said his PA, Tomice. "We have reasons to suspect all of the members of this one gang are here tonight, and we need to catch them."

After a while, everyone in the building assembled in the auditorium in order for deliberations to begin. Besides the band, their crew, a notorious groupie, a bartender, some rabid fans and the venue staff, there was also Kyle who ran the merchandise table, j0ker the scalper, and Fred the journalist. Unfortunately for everyone, it was the photographer who had been killed, and had his camera smashed. All of the photographic evidence was gone, and they were going to be forced to figure this one out on their own...

The Players:

1. Qwisto - whacked D4 - CIVILIAN
2. Völler
3. Mohad
4. Ocelot - whacked D1 - CIVILIAN
5. Alen - lynched D2 - CIVILIAN
6. Kyle
7. j0ker - whacked D5 - CIVILIAN
8. Bezzy
9. campionesidd
10. Tomice
11. Fred - lynched D4 - GANGSTER
12. Zach - lynched D5 - GANGSTER
13. Basel
14. Maddy - whacked D2 - CIVILIAN
15. dodo
16. Klin - autolynched D5 - GANGSTER
17. InterMerda - whacked D3 - CIVILIAN
18. Fr3sh - autolynched D4 - CIVILIAN
19. ILiveforJews - lynched D3 - CIVILIAN
20. blondu - lynched D1 - CIVILIAN


The list includes 15 civilians (including the detective, the bodyguard, the lawyer and the jailer) and 5 gangsters (including the crooked cop and the recruiter). Gangsters can recruit any civilian (except the detective and the bodyguard) any time during the game as long as the recruiter is alive!

The Daytime runs between 11:00-23:00 CET. It's when you are all posting and trying to find out who the gangsters are (if you are a civilian) or manipulate (if you are a gangster). You should write the name of the person you want to vote in bold, otherwise your vote will not count. You can change your vote as many times as you want but I will count the last vote that you cast before the end of the daytime (22:59 CET).

Lynching and The Lawyer:
The player with the most votes will be lynched unless the lawyer saves him/her. The lawyer has to send me their decision to save a lynch target either before or in (maximum) five minutes after the voting is over. The lawyer cannot save him/herself and can use his/her power twice in the entire game.

Whacking and The Bodyguard:
During the daytime, gangsters will send me their whack target. You (G's) can change your decision as many times as you want, I will act on the final decision that you send me (before the voting is closed). The whack target can be saved by the bodyguard. During the daytime, the Bodyguard also sends me their protection target. The bodyguard can protect anybody (including themselves).

The Detective and The Crooked cop:
During the nighttime, the detective can ask me about the role of any player they want. He/she can send the investigation request during the day, but the role of the investigation target will be revealed to him/her only during the nighttime.
Similarly, the crooked cop is allowed up to four times during the whole game to spy on the detective. He/she can let me know either during the day or the night whether they want to spy. The investigated person and his/her role will be then revealed to the crooked cop.

The Detective and The Gun Blazing Mode:
The Detective can use the gun-blaze mode only once during the whole game. This allows him/her to kill any player, regardless of whether or not that player has been investigated. The gun blazing takes the place of an investigation. If the gun-blaze victim is a civilian, the detective role will be revealed to everyone.

The Jailer and The Jailed:
The jailer can jail anyone they want during the daytime. The jailing request has to be sent to me between 11:00-18:00 CET. If/everytime the jailer dies, his/her role will be reassigned.
The person who is jailed is not allowed to post until the daytime is over. His/her vote will not count. The jailed person cannot be whacked but can be lynched (i.e., voted out).

Things you are allowed to do:
Lying, manipulating, sending pm's, making horrible mistakes!

Things you are not allowed to do:
Creating fake accounts, making fewer than five posts twice during the game, talking when jailed, posting in the thread when/if dead, sending/posting screenshots of the role pm I have sent you, being an asshole :D

ALL PMs HAVE BEEN SENT. If you have not received your role PM, send me a message, do NOT post in-thread about it.

Voting will begin on SUNDAY. Sorry for having to post a bit early, but I have to go out tonight :D

Also, for new players, please note that the story has NOTHING to do with roles, so there are no clues to be found there. It's just a stupid bit of fun.


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Jul 12, 2011
We should listen to @Völler he had his detective dolphin, i think he is giving us clue that he is detective.
@Völler can u investigate @Maddy, he has knack for being a G.


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Aug 29, 2010
How was your day?
How is a male's day when he's female compaignon is trowing all her frustration in your face cause thats what women do, and wants to go out drinking a coctail after you escaped shit and went training, acting all 'in the mood' while drinking that coctail, but is allready tired and upset stomache by the time you get home so now sleeping while you are in front of your PC wondering reading some random say "how was your day" when it was mostly "a scapegoat beeing cockblocked"

How was my day


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