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Aug 28, 2002
4-3 :eek:
IMO Real is easier 4 Juve... cause they play mostly a tecnical soccer which we may be able to interdict, while Man Ut play in a most similar way of us, but having best players.
So... even if Real iis probably better than Man UT it may be better 4 ouers way of playing.
Looking foward to see this match (they will give it in Italian TV now) it must be very spectacular!


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Jul 17, 2002
I hope Juve complete the KO of Spanish teams!!

We already stabbed Depor and Barca in their hearts to knock them out. Now it's Real turn to taste the Spirit of the Black and White Warriors!!!


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Oct 9, 2002
now it's :
well , Zizou is back in torino playing at the Delle Alpi staduim but guess what . . . he's playing AGINST Juventus this time / what a teribble idea for me to think of , just facing Zidane would be very hard !!
hope that our 1st match will be in Spain !!

forza Juve


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Sep 27, 2002
Real played a both spectacular and careless game of football
tonight. Their three goals and other passages of play were quite
breathtaking, but their casual defending and habit of trying to be
too clever in dangerous situations almost cost them. They won't
admit it but they were treating Man Utd with contempt in the way
they played. If Real were really going for it they could have
seriously humiliated Man Utd tonight but their carefree attitude
and sloppy defending constantly gave Utd hope that they could
pull off the unthinkable and knock Real out.

If Real displayed a sterner, more disciplined attitude towards
their defending they would be truly untouchable. As it is I see a
glimmer of hope for Juve in the semis if Real play the same way
they did tonight. Still, we'll have to stop them scoring!

Anyway, I hope they'll be two great games and I agree it will be
great to see Zidane back at the delle Alpi.


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Dec 31, 2000
++ [ originally posted by James ] ++
Anyway, I hope they'll be two great games and I agree it will be
great to see Zidane back at the delle Alpi.
I would say I hope the fans don't boo him or pull other "classy" stuff but not too optimistic about that... :rolleyes:


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Mar 22, 2003
I just love Real Madrid (not as much as Juve of course) but if Juve is eliminated it will definatly has to be Real Madrid, of course I don't think that will happen JUVE IS ON FIRE!!! :D


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Aug 7, 2002
I wont go as far as to say that Juve is on fire Alex but the team is definately up to the challenge, especially Nedved:eek: The big problem is we will miss both Tacchi and Davids for the first match which is in the Bernabeau(spelling:groan:) Thats a real big problem ,we do have Tudor but Conte has really passed his prime:down: There must be someway that we could get one of the yellow cards appealed. For future note I can say that Di Vaio is not the same as last season, I dont know what the hell happened to that player, but he is not ready to face Real Madid, and frankly, neither is Zalayeta. Hopefully Trez will be fit and ALEX will show them a trick or two. I'm pissed that Edgar wont be there to cancel out Zizou:fero: Anyway, back to meditating in preperation of the Juve -Real game , I tink if I do this enough until the game I could change or assist Juve in the future, Like make Parmatti score a hatrick or then again maybe not:D


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Sep 2, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Majed ] ++
I hope Juve complete the KO of Spanish teams!!

We already stabbed Depor and Barca in their hearts to knock them out. Now it's Real turn to taste the Spirit of the Black and White Warriors!!!
Well spoken :thumb:

I am cautiously optimistic about this. I have a fear of Real that I think is actually kind of undue, and in all honesty I believe that if we can pull ourselves together and play with spirit (and if we can't get a bit of hunger in these two matches, we never will) then we'll be on to the final, to soundly thrash inter/milan :)


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Mar 6, 2003
yeah just get happy when i think about what depor did to us the in the past, and how we managed to defeat our punisher!! =)

and then barca perished against us too.

2 great teams


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Mar 5, 2003
Wow, another Spanish club after Deportivo and Barca. What can I say on it? Maybe that we will win. I don´t have respect before Real´s players maybe Ronaldo is dangerous for us and I don´t know that Raúl will be played after surgery. And maybe not.
No no no no no "maybe we will win" I´m sure that our squadra is better and we´ll win. It will be very hard especially on Santiago Bernabeau Stadium but look on Manchester yesterday although there they lose but our style of play is different.

FORZA JUVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GOD BLESS US :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:


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Feb 4, 2003
I think Real would be better for us, they make alot of misstakes at the back. Real has only superstars so if they loss the ball then they will give up and wouldn't fight back so taking this advantage( players like Neddy can do that) we will make some chance to go through!
I hope Treze will be back and DP be in form


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Jul 27, 2002
i think it's an advantage that the first game will be in madrid....
but we mustn't make the same mistake like manu... a 1-3 in madrid would be fatal, also for us...
barca played 1-1 against real in bernabeau, so i think if everything goes fine this should be possible for us too... it also wouldn't be a tragedy if we would be 1 goal down after the first leg, but away-goals could be important...
the only problem is that we're missing some important players in DM (very important for "catenaccio")..
most people are quite impressed by the performance of ronaldo & co in manchester, but normally a ronaldo doesn't score 3 goals...
and i'm optimistic that juve can win in turin...
+i would understand the fans booing zidane (still have the "juve per sempre"-article of zidane in my mind)


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Apr 21, 2003
If I`m not mistaken, Ronaldo never scored against Juve right? That's good cos we know how to stop him.

Zidane can be stopped just like in Italy-France of the world cup 98 and also 2000. Just like in 98, we can put Pessotto on him and that will cancel him out. It doesn`t have to be Pessotto but you know what I mean.

Don't forget that at the Bernabau Roma won, and played really well with their usual tactic. If Roma can do it, why cannot we?

We're no cushion team, and even with 3 players missing through suspension we are still quite strong.


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Jul 12, 2002
I personally would have preferred to play Manchester united as even with the amount of suspensions we have , I don;tthink that Man united will be able to defeat us that badly, okay they did it in the grp stages but history has taught us that it rarely happens that a team beats the same team 4 times in the same competition

If we play anything like we did against Barceloana against Real, we will take a huge ass whooping, as I can assure you they won't be so wasteful in front of goal and they are far and away the very best side in this competition

If we are relying on grit and determination then I am afraid that won't do as Man united have that in abundance and have an attacking mentality and that didn't work

Our only saving grace is if Real have players missing or take the mickey at the back and we have to go out and attack , the heart of their defense and I feel not only Nedved but Dp has to have a major input in both legs and like him or not we need Trez at his goal scoring best

I do believe that Real will treat us with more respect than they did Manchester united as we are technically better than Man u and they know it and I am not sure Hierro and Helguera will me messing about as they did last night

I am hoping Flavio plays as he is terrible

Zambrotta should play in midfield as plays on the left , Figo will murder him while Id rather see Pessotto instead of birindelli on the left as he has more acumen and Figo does not rely on pace unlike Overmars

Birindelli and Camo should be played on the right to combat Carlos and Thuram should play in the middle to take care of Ronaldo cos I am not sure Ferrara can

Nedved Dp and Trez have to have huge games and worry their defence and plz plz plz do not go to Bernabeu to try and contain them

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