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Jul 11, 2002
++ [ originally posted by Graham ] ++
You've made an appearance in the NIFL :eek: When was that, and how the hell did it happen?
Actually it sounds better than it is :D

I played for my local sides youth team for quite awhile.
Getting called up to the first team isnt easy though, required alot of ass-kissing and commitment.
A few players got called up a few times, but like i said it isnt a good league and i had better things to do than sit on the bench on a saturday :D. I was playing for fun, im not good enough to ever make anything out of being a footballer so i didnt take it very seriously.
They knew i was leaving to go to University, along with another 2 players, so they let us play in the last game of the season.

By far better than that was playing for my county in the NI Milk Cup though.

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Jul 11, 2002
Past players is under history obviously.

And there is no players page, the squads havent even been chosen. And im not playing this year, i played in 99 and again in 00 i think, or maybe it was 98 and 99. I dunno:D


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Apr 24, 2003
1 Serie A, mostly because Milan is the strongest team in the world right now and the spanish league might entertain more, but the Italian teams are stronger
2 Spanish league because they have Madrid and Barca who always seem to go down but they still come back to be better than ever. I dont think Depor is a really strong team, they got far this year in the CL but I dont think they'll go that far again
3 English Premier League because they have Manchester United that might be going through bad times but when on form theyre one of the best in the world.
4 French League although it isnt very known here they still have good players and their teams got very far in the UEFA Cup and CL so that must mean something
5 Dutch League because I like Ajax and I like watching Dutch League games whenever theyre on
Aug 1, 2003
1. serie a
2. liga
3. le championnat
5. bundesliga
4. de eredivisie
5. epl

* serie a remains my top league, not because of Juve and though it's less competitive this year, the football remains my fav.

* I like la liga, and that's that.

* Le championnat, bundesliga and eredivisie - I don't get their coverage here, so I judge based on how the season went as described by the media

* was never a big fan of EPL, and since arsenal won it, they go bottom :D


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Jun 9, 2003

  • [1]Spain - La Primera División
    [2]England - The Premier League
    [3]Italy - La Serie A
    [4]France - Le Championnat
    [5]Germany - Die Bundesliga
    [6]Netherlands - De Eredivisie
    [7]Portugal - A Superliga


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Nov 10, 2003
1. Italy - La Serie A

2. England - The Premier League

3. Spain - La Primera División

4. Germany - Die Bundesliga

4. France - Le Championnat

5. Netherlands - De Eredivisie

6. Portugal - A Superliga


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Jul 13, 2002
++ [ originally posted by DukeVonEggwaffle? ] ++

i like your style, watanyil kuwait salim talil majdi (tada-da-da) :D
i can see thatu liked the rythem of the anthem ,, i am to confused all u guys changed ur nick names ,, a clue ?

wong ka yan

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Mar 16, 2004
1)Spain - La Primera División:thumb:

2) Italy - La Serie A:star:

3)England - The Premier League= France - Le Championnat

4)0Germany - Die Bundesliga

5) Portugal - A Superliga

6)Netherlands - De Eredivisie


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Apr 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by wong ka yan ] ++
1)Spain - La Primera División:thumb:

2) Italy - La Serie A:star:

3)England - The Premier League= France - Le Championnat

4)0Germany - Die Bundesliga

5) Portugal - A Superliga

6)Netherlands - De Eredivisie

very good rating..... :cool:


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Apr 24, 2003
Alright here comes the one and only Rating of Sutnop

Strengths: UEFA Cup winners Valencia. LA Liga Has a lot of strong teams, such fierce is the competition that Celta Vigo that made it to the knock out round in the CL got relegated, A lot of superstars in the league made the biggest trans-national signings in bringing in Ronaldinho and Beckham)
Weakness : Defense the defense of for instance Real Madrid is still very bad both Pavon and Raul Bravo would hardly take a spot in any middle Side in ITaly/England. But its getting better and a lot better Valencia and Deportivo have proven that Spanish teams can have a lot of dicipline and defend as well as ITalian Teams.

2. Seria A
Strengths : Has a lot of Superstars, after having a very good 02/03 this season was a bit worse European wise, but Italian clubs are always a threat in Europe, The Top5 Clubs in Italy are stronger then any other Top5's in any league.
Weakness : Inflated Finances and the Economy of the clubs is very poor, UEFA has banned 10Seria A clubs from competing in Europe. A lot of the ones that passed have with a lot of dirty money and loans (PArma, Roma and Lazio). Also didn't bring in any new Trans-national signings apart from Kaka but at the sametime managed to lose Crespo. A lot of Italy's future depends on how well they well deal with the financial situation.

3. Premiership
Strengths : Has a lot of new cash coming in (pool and Chelsea) and there are more class players coming to England then leaving. Has some of the biggest brands and richest clubs. Bottom 5 clubs are the best bottom5 clubs in the world.
Weakness : Has a poor European competiton record (altough a better one this season then Italy) 2 Semi Final Teams. A lot of the teams are not versatile. A lot of the players are nearing the end of their carrears and have passed their peak (Bergkamp, Desailly, Speed, Keane) but still get picked on old merits.

4.LE Championat
Strengths : Has the best European Record of all leagues this season (1 Team in Each European Cup Final) altough the contrary can be said for previous season. Constantly bringing new young French and African talent into the European scene.
Weakness : Has high taxes (which partly got to support the great academies) ANd because of that the players Net-earnings become almost half of what they would earn in any of the top 3 leagues. Loses a lot of top players every year. In previous seasons when the Transfer market was hot the turnover of players in French league was too big. Which meant that when the league started it was more like a lottery on who was going to be in the top or not. Lyon set the new trend with trying to keep the core of the team and other clubs have followed suit now.

5. Bundesliga
Strengths : Has perhaps the most sound economy and financial situation of all leagues in Europe. A lot of new clubs are on the rise Leverkusen, Wolfsbur, Bremen and Stuggart to mention a few.
Weakness : Has one Giant club Bayern Munich. This club does not usually try to bring in talent outside Germany. Instead they try to each year buy the key players from their Competition in Germany. This makes all the competitors a lot weaker, and sometimes the transfers are so badly planned it doesn't make Bayern a lot stronger and that is when a unexpected team like Werder clinch the title. Anyways what Bayern does is very destructive the only club that has the demography to compete with Bayern is Hertha Berlin but that club is run so poorly it makes Inter look as organized as Valencia.

6. Portugese League
Strength: Holds Europes best team Porto (I am almost certain they will clinch the CL tonight even if they don't they are still an amazing machine). Portugal is still a small and quite poor country (for EU standards). Also houses to other teams that are in terms of class on par with Atletico Madrid and Parma (Sporting and Benfica). The Top3 clubs can afford to pay higher wages then top3 in Netherlands.
Weakness : Loses a lot of key players can't financially compete with the big leagues. First comes Porto then a vast nothingsness and then Benfica followed by Sporting and the nothingness again and then Braga and Boavista. the bottom 6 in this league is very weak.

Strengths : great system perhaps the most efficient in the world. They Club's private Academies catch they early bloomers while the many small town club nurture the late bloomers (which later the Juve of Holland PSV snaps up). Which means Holland produces a lot of talented players for the other leagues to buy many foreign players know this and choose to go to the Dutch League despite its financial obscurity inroder to keep on developing.
Weakness : Erik most have done wonders with his propaganda for the Dutch league in this forum. Since a lot of people rate it above the Portugese. But intruth Noord, Ajax and PSV are financially weaker then the top 3 in Portugal. Also these clubs to the competition is huge and Vitesse and Herenveen are in my opinion worse clubs then Braga and Boavista. The new wage rules for non European players will even further inflict damage on the competivness of the smaller clubs versus the big 3. The league also loses a lot of talent each year and the established players that are considered to slow for the top leagues, make the switch sooner or later to one of the Glasgow clubs who can pay the a bit more during their last years of football.

8. Russian League
Strengths: Has has a couple of clubs in Europe during the last 5 years that have eached managed to hold their on. Doesn't lose that much talent to Europe is rather now in the process of brining back. Dimitry Sycheev (perfect example). Is definetley on the Rise Abrahamovitj just bought CSKA and other rich investors are also looking around. And the infamous Smena academy promises a steady flow of homegrown talent.
Weakness: The country is still pretty poor, some of the games attract not the best brand of fans, All the top clubs come from the same city, the small city teams are quite poor and match fixing and coruption is still a very common problem.

after this I would say its very tight between the Belgium, Greek and Turkish league. Altough the Belgium has a more stable financial situation. The Greek and Turkish leagues manage to have higher wages and a better European record.


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Apr 24, 2003
to Graham:

What I mean in that clubs such as Leeds and Man City would be close to relegation in say ITaly, SPain or France....

the bann is true Roma barley passed it along with Parma and LAzio. (Complete clubs passing is Juve, Roma, Lazio, Parma, Milan, Inter, Bologna and last 1 not sure about think its Udinese or Brescia though)

The rest have too bad economy to compete even if they finish in the top places...

and on the French N3
your right
my bad :frown:

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