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May 27, 2007
6.5 IMO leaning towards 7, but I gave the lower mark.

- I'm totally pissed we didn't replace Alves properly, and we signed De Sciglio
- I'm pissed we didn't sign a brain in MC as I was hoping for a mid trio actually. We're gonna be fucked up if Pjanic gets injured
- I'm pissed we didn't sign Schick and to some extent Keita. I'm also pissed we gave Kean to Verona in the last minute as I was hoping he'd play sometimes as vice-Pipita
May 26, 2016
Good improvement on overall balance. Lost peak performers in Alves and Bonnie, but satisfied with promising prospects like bernardeschi , Costa, howedes and matuidi .

Only useless signing is De Sciglio.

Negatives: no 100% assurance of damage control for loss of Alves or Bonnie

Positives: More fluidity in formations. Exciting signings in offensive departement. Better depth overall.

6,5 (potentially 7 if signings adjust and howedes covers rb succesfully).


Senior Member
Aug 10, 2017
I would give it 7 as bonucci one of top cb in the world was sold to rival club also we bought their Medicore player de sciglio for 12 million euros We made some solid signing in Douglas Costa bernardeschi howedes and matuidi but we needed a top central midfielder which we could not afford so unless we increase our transfer budget we might continue to sell our key players to fund our mercato


Forza Juventus
Dec 9, 2009
These two guys above @Dostoevsky and @GiocataGrande summed it up just perfectly. :agree: There is no need to even discuss about something else.

@juve123 is absolutely spot-on as well.


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2014
The Good:
Brought in a great GK in preparation for the post-Buffon era.
Bolstered our attack with two great signings in D. Costa & Bernardeschi
Bentancur joined, kid looks promising.

The Bad:
Lost a WC RB (a cunty aging RB) and failed to replace him properly.
Sold one of the best CBs in the game to our rivals for 42m only.

The Okay:
Brought in a reliable midfield option in Matuidi.
Brought in Howedes.
Sold off some of the deadwood.
De Sciglio? i don't know where to place this one but ill keep it away from the bad category for now.

A good transfer season somewhat tarnished by the way of Bonucci & Dani Alves left. 6.5-7 but I'll go with 7 just because these two turned out to be cunts.


Junior Member
May 9, 2006

Lost our Champions league performers in defence without replacing them.

Our cm looks better with matuidi our creativity in the last third is improved , but we look soft in attack if injuried accure.

I Think the loss of alves and bonucci Will be crucial in the important matches in chl.

All in all i Think we are better offensively but very weakened in defence - specialy When in possesion.


CL Trophy Incoming...
Jan 16, 2013
I really want to give it a 8 but we'll have to see how we'll cope without Alves and Bonucci, and how our defense will react against the big boys in Europe.

Costa, Howedes and Matuidi are 3 fantastic signings. Expecting them to really add in terms of quality to the squad. Not really sure what to expect of Berna but our board seemed to have faith in him and so will I.

Szczesny is a welcome addition when Buffon needs his rest. And Bentacur might surprise everyone here, kids seems to have impressed Allegri. The only signing I'm not exactly happy with is MdS but then the least he deserves is the benefit of the doubt. He might turn out okay.

All that being said, I'll give it a 7.


Senior Member
Nov 9, 2005
Not signing another striker/forward with Kean gone is odd. Like even not panic buy type? If Mandzu and Higuain both start. There is noone to bring on from bench.
Sep 4, 2006


-Held onto Sandro and Dybala

-Adequately addressed our biggest concern (lack of attackers) with a pair of good signings in Bernar and Douglas Costa

- Some more good acquisitions to strengthen the squad at good deals in Matuidi and Howedes

- Very happy Sczezny as a 2nd choice goalkeeper and potential stop gap in between Buffon's retirement and finding world class replacement. Who knows he may even make that spot his own next season.

-Acquired more quality youth in Caldara and Bentancur :tup:

-got good deals on all our acquisitions, took our time and didn't overpay to desperately sign players as early as possible as we have sometimes in the past

- Got rid of excess players in Lemina, Zaza, Rincon and Neto and will make close to 40mil doing so


- Schick :(

-MDS. No idea why we signed this guy. He is really going to have to turn it around to prove he is worthy of being even the most unused squad player in this team.

- Failure to adequately replace Bonucci or Alves is the major stain on this mercato. Howedes is a good acquisition but it leaves us with no real attacking threat from the RB position. We have enough CBs but the loss of Bonucci's ball playing ability will certainly be noticeable. Though if things go well this will hopefully be mitigated by the addition of more talented creative wingers, putting less pressure on Pjanic be forward and allowing him to focus on dropping deeper and filling in the gap in distribution from deep.

- Spinazzola. Missing out on him is a big dissapointment though I wouldn't fault our board for it. If Atalanta refuse to let him go early then what can we do? We made a deal with them and maintaining good relationships over time with some of these smaller Serie A clubs is more important than having one Spinazzola a year in advance. The people complaining about us not bullying Atalanta into submission :howler:


Beppe Marotta Is My God
May 26, 2009

Explained why in other threads. But in short, we added some good depth and strengthened our attack and midfield. Defence was weakened. Should have signed another CM imo and sold a couple more pieces of our deadwood. Preferred last seasons mercato, but all in all, we should be good to go for an assault on all competitions.


Senior Member
Jul 12, 2011
I was more generous then @Klovn, he gave 0.5, I gave them a full 2.5, 1pts for Costa, 1pts for Berna 0.5 for Matuidi

Badass was .5 more generous than I was, and X was a full 1.5pts more generous then badass

the rest of you are crazy.
i feel sorry for @Klin so heartbroken is ok bro :rab:

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