Premier League 2018/19 (18 Viewers)


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Dec 19, 2003

Become twitter famous, this is your destiny.
fuck it,

can you become my Patreon though? @DAiDEViL


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Jan 26, 2009
That douche with glasses looks and sounds like a self entitled prick; reminds me of the Foodland Political Society we have here in Thailand. A bunch of miserable British gits talking politics, Brexit, and spewing BS on a consistent basis. He should come and pay them a visit; he'd feel right at home.


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Sep 1, 2017
See, das how you do it. Gotta up your twitter game @Mark
I don't need the clicks.

maybe you could do one calling for Allegri's head when Atletico knock us out?
I’ll volunteer.

Time for 2017/18 Nedved96 to make a proper comeback. He’s been invisible so far this season, but if we lose to Atletico, he will be back with vengeance.

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