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Jun 3, 2003
Ok, dont know if any threads have existed on poetry in the past. Just thought we should have one. Feel free to share your poems or any other creative articles .
Here's a poem i wrote up last nite. For the record, it wasnt written with anyone particular in mind.

A familiar silence,
I try to understand.
As it envelopes my conscience.
But then again, it never goes as planned.

I’m defeated in an instance,
Another moment without you.
I live a destiny in your absence,
Mocking fate, that offers nothing new.

Where do we go from here I wonder?
As my dreams continue to fade endlessly,
But that isn’t the impression I’m under
Because time promises to set me free.

In the meantime, I try and write a story,
But its hero doesn’t want to be me.
For I am without glory.
Exquisite pain being my only achievement.

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Jun 3, 2003
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    :LOL: @ Bes and Sidz

    Forza, always write after partaying...the drinks just bring it out in me. :D


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    Jun 3, 2003
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    She dint post her picture. Now i wonder what we gotta do to make Miss D post her poetry.


    Doctor Asma
    Oct 21, 2003
    Your love was never made to die
    if u knew how much i love you,
    you will never say goodbye,
    if u knew how much i need you,
    you will never even try,
    if you knew how much i miss you,
    you may think that i might die,
    Baby,should i beg and cry?
    should my tears never dry?
    or should i tell you that your love is the only thing that i can not deny,
    And now u r leaving me without even saying why,
    oh darling,when u went away i was in so much pain,
    will i forget you?i will really try,
    will i forgive you?will i?
    will i hate you;i cannot say yes and tell a lie,
    becuz ur love in my heart was never made to die... :heart:

    is it good?


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    Mar 31, 2004
    "The ancient conception of the temple as the imago mundi, the idea that the sanctuary reproduces the universe in its essence passed on to Christian Europe: the basilica of the first centuries of our era, like the medieval cathedral, symbolically reproduces the Celestial Jerusalem"

    - Mircea Eliade -

    from the beginning of Somnia, my favourite book of poems...

    "Dulce et utile."

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