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Aug 22, 2007
Why was it renewed? Because he deserved a raise and new contract despite their being several years left on his contract?

I know its said often, but this coming summer is the time he finally leaves most likely. Expect a mini rejuvenation for the midfield, and a starter to be added. Will make it crowded for him and Mautidi (who's contact expires in summer).
@Turk_Bianconero why would Marotta give Khedira a new and increased contract when there was no benefit to the club?


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May 29, 2005
So we are 3rd now with Ronaldo...what happens when he leaves and the wage bill is cut 30m? Do we buy 30m in wages worth of players cuz we can afford it or not cuz anyone we buy won't make that up in merchandising sales, etc?

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The CR7 effect: Juventus on the world podium of the rich; the numbers

29 December at 10:35
The Cristiano Ronaldo effect. The arrival of CR7 has changed the world of Juventus, allowing the Bianconeri to become in all respects a global club with international thinking. This can be seen from the results of the Global Sports Salaries Survey 2019 prepared by Sporting intelligence (via, a research on the levels of salaries and popularity of various clubs and leagues in the world.

A relevant figure relating to salaries emerges as follows: Juve is the third club in the world, considering all sports: 9.4 million euros on average, numbers that - as mentioned - project the club on the podium of the wealthies only behind Barcelona and Real Madrid and in front of all NBA franchises and empires such as PSG.

Just a year ago, Agnelli's club was in ninth place. The reason for the jump? The arrival of five high-salary players: Buffon, De Ligt, Ramsey, Rabiot and Higuain. The second Italian team is Roma, which does not exceed an average of 4.2 million euros. A large and evident gap.

This is also confirmed on social media. Juventus is the first team in Italy with almost 81 million followers in total between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. In second place there is Milan with less than half of that (38 million).


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Jul 23, 2008

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