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Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
Licht has not a 1 years plus option, the whole reason of his spat with the management is because his contract is running out in coming summer.
Aug 13, 2013
Adrien Rabiot £116,000 (2023)

Gonzalo Higuaín £128,000 (2021)

Douglas Costa £132,000 (2022)

Matthijs de Ligt £265,000 (2024)

Aaron Ramsey £400,000 (2023)

Cristiano Ronaldo £496,000 (2022)

Mattia De Sciglio £53,000 (2022)

Giorgio Chiellini £58,000 (2020)

Mario Mandzukic £58,000 (2020)

Sami Khedira £66,000 (2019)

Wojciech Szczesny £66,000 (2021)

Danilo £66,000 (2024)

Blaise Matuidi £83,000 (2020)

Emre Can £83,000 (2022)

Miralem Pjanic £91,000 (2021)

Paulo Dybala £91,000 (2022)


Jul 27, 2015


Jul 27, 2015
Quick math, all in euros after converting it, not exact numbers but enough to get my point.

For example, in the articles @Siamak posted Alex Sandro is at a most of ~3.5mil/year when italian media reports it at about 5mil/year.

Dybala is there at a most of ~6mil/year when italian media reports it at over 7mil/year.

Douglas Costa is reported there at ~9mil/year when italian media puts it at 6m/year.

Mandzukic at a most of ~4m/year when italian media reports it at 6m/year.

Oh, and ofc last but not least, Ramsey who is reported at about over 20mil/year in there. :lol:


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Jul 30, 2015
And extend contracts of aging players.
Considering CR7 high wave and player cost in a accounting way is wage+depreciation, I would say is only normal and nothing to worry cuz our freebie have a depreciation cuz of 0 in our books

An issue our board is creating is how the freebies high salaries are affecting the rest. People can give you any excuse for that but at the end if you see your coworker with higher salaries than you and doing the same or even less you would start to be a little annoying at the end


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Jul 5, 2014
Mandzukic is gone, he had a big salary. Our problem is that our experienced bench players have really high salaries. We should get rid of Khedira, Can or Matuidi.
Matuidi expiring by the summer
Can may be gone in Jannuary
The only problem is Khedira which would ask for a leaving bonus

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we saved up what? 6m gross + 5m fee??


Koul Khara!
Aug 30, 2002
So we pay higher wages than City and PSG?

PSG is not suprised, have you seen their bench? Half of them are random youth players, or no name mid level players. PSG has no depth. Star attack, Verratti, the brazilian defenders, thats it with the high paid players. Juve has 22 players that are internationals.

But City is more suprising, its the first time we passed them in salary, their squad is stacked with top quality. But now SUPERSTAR that demands 31m a year alone. Or us having signed several players this summer that get between 7.5m to 12m (with bonus). Thats a significant step up in spending on salary. Sadly we are still faaaaaaar behind City's midfield in quality, but we have more "experienced" squad, so its a given. Reward our bench players more.


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Jun 1, 2012
Shocking stuff.

The alarming thing is more than 70% of the squad is 28 or older.

Paratici has created an absolute mess in the last two years and deserved to be criticized for this.

All the oldies should have been dumped out long ago but we have followed the Milan example of extending their contracts with payrises.

If you leave aside Ronaldo, the budget could have been managed far better in trimming down the squad, reducing the wage bill and hence the average age too instead it has been mismanaged poorly hence having to sacrifice our sellable assets for capital gains.

I'm pretty sure one of Demiral or Dybala are going to be sacrificed for plusvalenza next summer.

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