How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

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Jul 30, 2015

what he did today?

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lol dont get emo man
I know but sometimes they r like too much... just empty arguments
Apr 19, 2007
Dybala is incredible but lets not forget that we have Ronaldo,Costa,Berna as well. So if someone else is in form then tough. Thats part of us becoming the best. I think that Dyba;la will be given the oppertunity and if he isnt capable than sit
Jun 13, 2007
I like the fact that Dybala has to fight for a starting 11 spot. It says a lot when your best player last year who recently scored a hat-trick can't secure a spot. The competition will bring out the best in the players that deserve to be playing at the highest level. The rest will have to settle for supporting roles if they can't handle it.


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Apr 5, 2006
Dont know how bad the injury is, but ill just say that this is how i know that a player is just cursed here in Juve. Whenever a good stint happens, he gets injured. So now more time will pass, then he will have to fight to take his place back. To the people saying that we dont need hin against Genoa or even Man Utd i will say that those are EXACTLY the games we need him for since those are games against weaker oponents where he can gel in more with the team and even score some goals to boost his confidence up.

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