How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

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Feb 22, 2019
Mertens? What does he have that Dybala doesn't? He's quicker, no doubt. I think we underrate Dybala because he had a bad year but that can be put down to his being played as a quasi-midfielder. He's a good dribbler but not the type to provide a deft final ball or charge towards goal like Kaka. He was deprived of the opportunity to play to his greatest strength - poaching.

He plays best close to goal. Whether that's as a second striker or lone striker, I'm not sure that will necessarily matter in Sarri's system. Just look at when he was peaking - take the CL Semi-final against Barca. Whenever he found the ball close to goal, he made goals from nothing. As for his suitability to CF, he doesn't have the best touch, but he guards the ball very well and often ends up turning his marker and getting away in those situations. So he could be quite good with his back to goal if he can take the ball cleanly. He's also very good at winning fouls ala Del Piero so the closer to goal the better.

In many ways he's a poor man's Del Piero. Not a midfielder, not a traditional CF, not a winger but definitely a player who is highly goal oriented. Really just a second-striker. But we live in an era where the second-striker is a dead concept.
We live in era where image rights and status is more important than your performances on the pitch. If you're actually good at scoring goals, there's always need for that type of player, whether you're CF, RW, LW or secondary striker. Dybala has scored 0.33 goals per game till this day and he's soon to be 26, which would normally mean that he's approaching to his prime or is already there, but IMO he is past his prime already. I cannot see him being any better at age 30 than 23 for example, it just won't happen and let me ask a question: How how many goals you can see him scoring in a right role for us avg next 3-4 seasons if he stays in here? 70-80m player should score +20 a season if he's a forward, no matter what so he needs a big improvement on that 0.33 avg per season in this upcoming season. I'd rather get a real CF, Bobby Firmino type forward would be ideal but if and since we can't get him, we need to look other options.


Ertuğrul Oğlu Osman
Oct 20, 2004
It will not be enough for him to stay ...yeah ...then he will disappear and frustrate us with " yet to peak" performance and can't beat better defenders or he have no physicality to stand up on the field ...Dybala as a false 9 is big risk that will make us impotent offensively is he can't deliver when he is needed.... we need real CF not a softy

if no Ronaldo , he can stay and he will deliver ...but ...

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