How many goals and assists this year - 2018/19

  • 0-5 GOALS

  • 6-10 GOALS

  • 11-15 GOALS

  • 15+ GOALS

  • 0-5 ASSISTS

  • 6-10 ASSISTS

  • 11-15 ASSISTS

  • 15+ ASSISTS

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Sep 4, 2006


Mar 6, 2007
i dont see whats so wrong with his comments. He didn't say Dybala is not good enough For United. Dybala wasn't convinced by the prospect of playing for them so its probably better to not convince him just by offering 15mil per year.
Maybe I was just passing comment that Rio is and looks extremely stupid?

Seems a decent enough guy though.


Apr 16, 2017

Rio Ferdinand is one of the few people who are as stupid as they look.
It sucks to he Manchester fan nowadays. Dybala prefers to sit on bench at Juve rather than be a starter with higher salary at Manchester United. Reality check for them. Though top 4 is not difficult to achieve this year.

Man City and Liverpool will finish high above others. Tottenham 3rd with no chance of winning EPL, Chelsea is very weak this season. They havent been anyworse since Abramovic took over (talking about squad depth). Arsenal and Manchester will fight for 4th place if there are no surprises Everton or Leicester.

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