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Mar 16, 2013
Deep lying social media influencer :rofl:

In a right environment he would flourish again. High level of work ethic and determination are deeply ingrained into the fabric of our club so I'd have no doubt he would have been back to his best at Juve.
You have a point. Juve’s ethos is defined by players like Ronaldo, Chiellini and Buffon. United’s is defined by Jesse Lingard.


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Jan 16, 2013
It's nothing to do with United. The club has it's own problems, sure. But it isn't the reason Pogba is a clown.

He's just another of many examples on a bigger issue in modern football. It's what happens when those "up and coming promising" players are hyped to God status/get filthy rich too quickly and let it go to their heads. The Hazards and Griezmanns of the world. They don't need to do much really, just show a little talent and let their agents do the rest. The clubs are also to blame for creating those monsters by justifying their market values.


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May 23, 2011
Good game tonight. Came on for Rabiot and he did more in 10 minutes than Rabiot in entire match. Fantastic long ball that started French counter for 2nd goal. He almost scored earlier as well. People can hate this dude all they want, he is primadona, instagram ho, etc, but he would be amazing acquisition.

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