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Feb 21, 2004
It's interesting how time flies by, isn't it?

I have spent a couple of minutes to research was the very first posts of some of the members had been on this forum. Check them out.

Gray, April 2003
Hey all, first post here, and what a perfect time to for it, after our boys' brilliant showings today!

I'm a rarity - a Korean (all you Italians, please don't hate me ) Juve fan living in Australia, and I've been following the greatest team for about 4 years now.

I just got back from watching the game my friends' house (since I don't have cable TV). Since I live in Australia, I had to wake up at 4:00 AM and run to her house. Brrr that morning chill...but MAN WAS IT WORTH IT!!!

I've actually been lurking the boards for a long time as a guest, reading all the discussions, and since i tend to agree with what most of you say, I haven't registered and posted for myself. BUT TONIGHT! What a match! I just have to congratulate all our heroes for not giving up, I loved Montero's facial expression towards the end, he should have been wearing the captain's armband tonight, encouraging the troops and getting absolutely pumped every time we cleared a corner. I was proud of them all today, and since you guys have already talked about all the boys, i just wanna say collectively, YOU ARE ALL GODS.

Fabiana, also April 2003

hi i just joined this forum, my name is fabiana i am from venezuela and i LOVE juventus. im so glad i found a forum like this because here most people like barcelona so today and yesterday lots of people wanted to beat me up.
well my favorite player is edgar davids i just love him and the way he plays
i dont know what else to say, juve is my life i hope they win CL as well as the league. i will be joining everyone here and posting threads and commenting etc
forza juveee

Zlatan, June 2003

Actually, I read something about Notts County loaning us their black and white kits a 100 years ago, and that we kept them afterwards

Don Bes, Jan 2004


Yo guys good forum u got here. I m just checkin it out. Me great fan of Juve. Started watching since Juve-Dortmund 1-3 that horrible night in the Champions League. I now live in Canada a.k.a. America Junior and it is a little difficult to watch but i still do. Hopefully i will see them Win the Champions League which is ussually on my birthday (like last year, but it wasnt meant to be) . Some luck this year hopefully.

(first, and shall I say... the longest? :D just kiddin')

Fliakis, Sep 2002
hi everyone

it's hella good to be back here

dont worry, if it'll gonna be adraw it's allright, you dont end the season with 34 victories

Arif, Feb 2004
First of all, I greet all JuvE fans and this is my first message 2 this forum.
Well, lets get back to the topic. my fav top three in italy is :

1. Juventus
2. Milan
3. Parma

Andy, March 2004

I still do not know where Kapo plays. I have heard from left mid to right striker. When I saw him play for Auxerre he was playing a right-sided attacking mid. Moggi always buys players no one ever expects, like Appiah and Camoranesi! Look how they turned out so far. Rosicky and Van der Vaart would be a lot better.

Miss Dubai, Oct 2003
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Myself, Feb 2004
Darn guys!

Hey, you people are geniuses!

I've been looking for the lyrics FOREVER! At one point I gave up, but recently bumped up this forum and finally found it!

Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Feb 21, 2004
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    Yeah, that's the reason I was hesitant to put "older" people in the list, but you're special! :D


    Sep 23, 2003
    Interesting idea, Elnur. Here was my first post after lurking here for quite a while. You know, I'm still miffed they didn't get all the points in that match!

    I think my posts must be getting longer since then... :rolleyes:

    swag, Sep 2003
    SERIE A: Juventus - Roma

    Nedved was definitely all over the pitch. Roma clearly had their hands full with him -- particularly in the first half. He was instrumental to their play-making, with Di Vaio a definite beneficiary.

    Zambro was inspired.

    Davids didn't appear as rusty as I expected, and he seemed to put forward a good effort. Like someone else mentioned here, he seemed to get pretty friendly with Roma when things got heated late in the game. As the Roma fan sitting next to me put it: "Hey, relax -- we'll be on the same team next year."

    Trez was right in expressing his disappointment that the team took more of a conservative turn at the end that cost them. (Though I felt Trez wasn't as much a presence in the match as he could have been. But perhaps it was about formation...) But Lippi should know best of what's left in the tank. It's very telling that of the Serie A teams in the Champions League last week, all four won their UCL games and yet none of them won their following Serie A matches.


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    Jul 17, 2002
    Good Idea Elnur ... :thumb:

    Here's my first: (Right after the famous Crash.. Before that, I was only a reader)

    Majed - July, 2002.

    Is this what you mean?


    Hmmm...This loooks interesting!! This is not the usual definsive Juve. But i think it wont hurt to try this out in the TIM Trofeo. This is just my suggestion. Of course there are 100000 other ways to make a foramtion since juve has many different- and high quality- players like: Tudor, Pessotto, Brighi and Conte too. Of course Lippi will have to due without Zambrotta for the first few weeks due to injury. At least the new Argentinian can take his place.

    About this attacking style: i know juve will have trouble adjusting. Juve have tried this formation a few times last season with considerable success in the attacking aspect, but the defensive side was terrible - for juve standards. also, Juve have been playing with the 4-3-1-2 for 4 years now. and lippi had to return to this formation to get back into last season's scutdetto race after falling behind early on.

    So, All in all, dont get your hope up, but It's always worth a try to experiment with something new.
    Forza Campione D'Italia ....Forza Lippi


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    Oct 1, 2004
    ZhiXin, Oct 1 2004

    Well nonetheless, Nedved is still an extraordinary player........deadly in the left midfield, very good in goal assists + long range shots. He is already old (32 yesrs old) and I dun know who Juve/fins some1 will buy to replace him........

    But to me Nedved is a player that is hard to replace with. Cos he's a natural leader and very influential. He helped Czech Republic to reach the Euro 2004 semi-finals, but a badly timed injury caused him the game........

    Nonetheless, to me, no1 can ever replace the number 11 of Juve and Czech Republic............


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
    Since my join date is nerly a year wrong, I actually joined earlier than it says I don't think my first post will still be around, sadly :D


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Whoa, when I read this thread I was like hangon, did I end up making it?

    As sad as it sounds, I have ideas for threads pop up in my head every now and then, and this was one of them. The funny thing is, I thought we were all just gonna post our own, and I started reading my first post before I read the title. About 2 sentences in, I thought "hangon, this sounds really familiar!" :D


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    Apr 22, 2003
    ++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
    Alex, Dec 31 2000
    I declare this forum open, now if we could only get a couple of people in here.
    :LOL: that's gotta be the best


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    Apr 22, 2003
    baggio, all u gotta do is "Search for all posts by user" or click on that little search button below a user's name, then go to the last page ;)

    Hi guyS,
    Im new to the forum!!!
    This is my 1st post, feels nice to finally communicate with my fellow juventini....!!
    coming straight to the jersey topic!! I LOVE KAPPAAAAA
    I OWN 4 KAPPA JUVE JERSEYS AND 3 LOTTO JERSEYS (all juve) .....BUT NIKE SUCKSSSSSSSS............HATE EMMMMMMMMMM, they keep experimenting, and i blv they h've lined up a pink away jersey for us next season!


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    Oct 3, 2002
    Nice thread Elnur

    here is my first post.like some of u, it wasn't really my first actually

    hi everybody am back again.i don't know if u still remember me,but i didn't fogot u guys
    damn i read the thread, I missed those days where people used to like me :down:


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    Jul 12, 2002
    my last post is forever lost i'm afraid.

    i only remember it being to a poster by the name of Max(also known as JKane) about Del Piero.

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