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Apr 21, 2003
It hasn't been published yet, but the interviewer forwarded it to me so to check it before they publish it...I think it sounds good and funny :D

There’s Another Ryzing Happening This Easter … Inform Yourself!

Name & Age:

Aldo Zammit Borda, age 24

Glenn Debattista, age 24

Mark Von Brockdorff, 17

Matthew Piscopo, 22


Aldo: Single

Glenn: Single

Mark: Single

Matthew: Partnered


Aldo: Diplomat

Glenn: Football Journalist

Mark: Web designer and student

Matthew: web developer and graphic designer

How did you get to know each other and how did the band form?

Aldo: I started playing guitar with a guitarist and we needed a drummer. We posted posters at university and JC and Mark showed up.

Glenn: I saw an ad on the IRC for a guitarist and talked to the person…so here I am!

Matt: A friend of mine knew the others needed a keyboardist and Mark phoned me to see if I was interested.

Glenn: And that was it! … We have other jobs as strippers

Aldo: (finishing Glenn’s sentence) but as you see we’re not very successful

Hmmm…interesting ….

Besides the band and your jobs are there any other things you like to do in your free time? (Then give me a look and I continue with the words …) ‘If you have any’? (Suddenly they smile!)

Glenn: What’s free time? (and pretends to look around)

Mark: Internet, anything related to computers, girls, going out

Interviewer: Interesting…I never knew us girls are considered to be hobbies … this could be a breakthrough in men’s psychology!

Matt: Internet, online gaming, help the family manage a business, interior design and craftwork

Glenn: There isn’t much free time so I’d say football; I don’t have much time for anything else.

Aldo: tennis and … err….that’s it I think!

How do you manage to fit in practice hours, besides the time you dedicate to studying, work, family etc?

Glenn: We usually practice on Saturdays at 3pm and then record on Sundays. We don’t practise during the week.

Aldo: During the week we write lyrics and think of a melody individually. Then we piece things together during the weekend.

Have there ever been any conflicts amongst you?

Aldo: When Mark highlighted his hair! (everybody starts to laugh). We had a conflict on the colour Mark had chosen for his highlights…hahaha!

We haven’t really had any conflicts.

Glenn: That is before this interview (chuckle!)

How long have you been in the band?

Aldo: Two of us joined in January 2003

Glenn: Then in October 2003 Matthew and I joined

Aldo: And we became Ryzing

What kind of music do you prefer to play?

Glenn: Alternative rock.

Aldo: Playing original songs is important for us. We use music to express ourselves.

Is it difficult to find gigs?

Glenn: We might have one next month during Easter. We haven’t really had any yet.

Aldo: Right now we’re recording our three songs professionally, so we’re occupied with that for the time being

Have you ever had your friends or people who have heard you play, criticise your music?

Aldo: None of them lived to the end (everybody laughs hysterically at this comment)

Glenn: No probs so far!

Aldo: people who have heard us show there’s potential.

Glenn: They don’t think we’re the best…but one of the top 5

Aldo: Yes…Glenn, yes…..

I know some of you were students at the Junior College, how has this helped of affected you with skills etc?

Aldo: One of the reasons for continuing guitar was all thank so my SOK project. I had played a piece which I really liked and I continued from there

Matt: The sense of responsibility develops much better when one is at JC than at a private/Church school. In private schools you are more restricted. At JC they are more lenient and one has to carry responsibility for his actions rather than be told what to do all the time.

Most of the readers are students. Can you recall any pranks you took part in during your yeas as students which might help enlighten our mischief-hungry minds?

Matt: Our year, unfortunately, didn’t consist of a lot of pranksters…the students were very…erm…how shall I put this…reserved.

Aldo: There was a very clever student who was very quiet and one day he was eating on the stairs and a girl asked him to harass her (just as a joke) and he turned bright red.

Matt: Oh yeah I remember one! In biology class we had a really irritating lecturer and we decided to make noise by moving our bags five minutes before the lesson finished and tricked her into ending the lesson five minutes early.

At this point I start thinking to myself … why did lecturers nowadays discover watches?

Aldo: We were good

Matt: yeah, we were ‘holy’

Have you been in other bands before or had any previous musical experience?

Aldo: Yes.

Glenn: (cutting into Aldo’s answer) Red Hot Chilli Peppers…but they were not up to my standard…

Interviewer: Modesty at its best….

Mark: I used to play with a grunge band before

Aldo: I used to play with friends or on my own

Glenn: I’m a virgin …its my first time

And here is where we all give Glenn a look wondering what exactly he was referring to and we all start to giggle

How did you start your musical carrier?

Matt: I was four…I was forced to learn piano. I had stopped before my O levels and two years ago I started playing again.

Mark: I would often stay tapping with my fingers on desks during lectures and I had taken a liking to drums, I bought a drum set and started going for lessons. I changed around four teachers but I got where I wanted.

Glenn: I was forced to play clarinet with a local band at the age of eight and studied that for two years. I only got as far as the theory bit and found it boring so I bargained with mum to learn piano to be able to get rid or clarinet, which I then studied for five years. Then as time passed by I stopped playing. In the mid 90’s I interested myself in music again and started playing guitar.

Mark: I was inspired to play drums…

I’ve noticed you’re all male in the band. Is this just a coincidence or are you a secret anti-feminist club?

Aldo: If there were to be a blonde I wouldn’t mind…

Glenn: Applications for groupies are accepted

And everyone starts to laugh at these comments

Matt: No this is just a coincidence, it wasn’t planned

Is it expensive to keep you music equipment in good condition?

Glenn: If you want good equipment you have to pay for it

Aldo: Recording has its costs as well as publicity

Are there any upcoming events in store?

Glenn: Actually yes…recording should be done by mid April, promoting songs on the radio. We should be playing at BJ’s on Sunday 28th April. There’s the BJ’s marathon which we might play in and Mr. Galaxy…a record label guy who promotes 5 bands, we might play there


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Jan 9, 2004
tha'ts awesome ! who's the girl that's interviewing you guys ?
btw pretty funny ;) Glenn knows the way to make everything fun !


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Apr 21, 2003
Hehe cheers, I like using tongue in cheek comments :p

The girl is the editor of this bi-monthly maltese College magazine of over 1,000 students so it's a good start :)


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Apr 24, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Dj Juve ] ++
u sound lame, that aldo sounds cooler. is he the band leader
I thought exactly the same!!

Anyways its very nice to read interviews and stuff from your band, Glenn, I hope you become famous very soon!


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Apr 21, 2003
Ah Fabiana you're the least I thought would say something like that (the lame part) :p

Anyway thanks girls ;)


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Apr 24, 2003
I know you would :) I said that just to tease you, I see youre very receptive with the media and like to participate a lot.

I also noticed it said: "Glenn: single" so I guess nothing happened with your ex girlfriend... ?


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Apr 21, 2003
lol maybe yes but not just that...right now better not take anything else seriously except the band and my other job.


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Jun 9, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Zizou ] ++

Glenn: They don’t think we’re the best…but one of the top 5

Thats my line you bastard!!! :(

If you ever get famous (which I highly doubt) I want some money for it!!! :(

Congratulations btw, it sounds cool ;)


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Apr 21, 2003
hehe I was hoping you wouldn`t notice :D Yes I did steal that line from you..I thought it was too good to waste it just on a forum. ;)

About the groupies..I'll let you know how many apply :D And yes you'd probably fit well in the group...lol we'd probably be fighting in interviews on who shows off most ;)

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