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Jul 14, 2002
Sir Paul is going to have a field day with this guy.....
Abit late due to being on holiday for the last month

Making assumptions again Vinni...

Whether i think this is worthwhile or not doesnt matter... The fact is if these kind of actions make people feel better and make them think they are playing their part.
Not to mention if they think they actually have a chance.. then if they have the time and are willing to make the commitment, then why not give it ago... Whatever the outcome we cant come off worse and these people can at least say they made an effort with pro-active steps rather than jus bitching about it...

Fair play to them for putting the hours in.... However futile it may be.

The only things i would have asked:

Firstly, Has the donation fund been officially registered? If not why not?
If this is indeed legitimate then for the sake of 10 minutes and a single form in any town hall in italy why not offer those who donate (however large or small) a little protection and of course peace of mind.

I assume this is the same group that have been discussing this issue on j1897?

Why do you think that your case will go further than another group who were better backed than you who were following the same line?

Where did you get the figure of 35K euros from...

That to me, seems a very low estimate for the kind of case you appear to be looking at.

I know its not the same, but 4 years ago i was succesfully sued for libel by a sporting institution...
I then had this overturned in the european courts.

Allthough a different type of case, I was dealing with a smaller organisation, I had concrete (irrefutable) evidence of no wrong doing and was not claiming for monetary compensation... merely an apology, the return of my company and I's fines and my costs...

My costs were £46K

Thats all i would have asked Vinni, nothing else, if doing these things make a person feel better, then why not...

But then thats like so many things Vinni, its like you saying 80 pages or so of paper proves a point... Your a policeman for fucks sake, you must know how littleinfo that was... and as such exactly what i said it was... a snippet.
Go look at the hall of records and see how many files were presented and how many files are legally sealed... Snippet is more than generous... The info is easy to find Vin.

As for the case, Dont you find it strange that since we were told they appeared on 18th jan, he has been back to say nothing... No updates at all..
Anyway i look forward to looking through court records when i return to italy on monday to find out the details as no one has cared to fill us in.

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Sep 4, 2006
We are not talking about "talking with Bergamo" innocent.

Did you know that Milan and Inter shouldn't have taken part to this Serie A campaign?
You know why? They had much more than the debt allowed by Figc.
Why are they taking part to the championship? Cause Guido Rossi gave them a 70% discount of what they should have recapitalized. How convenient, huh?
Inter was able to field Recoba thanks to a stolen driving license and a false passport. This means that everything Recoba did on the pitch influenced the regularity of the championship (--> sportive illicit).
Roma took part to the 2003-04 championship thanks to a false guarantee they presented later than allowed. When it was discovered that it was false, Roma had an extra month to provide another one. Still, they always had enough money to give expensive rolexs to the refs as a gift.
And does anyone remember Lazio's scudetto of 2000? It was won with players bought thanks to the money clueless investors had invested in Cirio's titles (Cirio was Cragnotti's company, the investors never got their money back) and to the ones Lazio spared from paying taxes. In fact in that couple of years Lazio arrived to have more than 120 millions € of taxes not paid. Did they bankrupt? Of course not: Lotito gets to pay those money in the next *23* years and he also got a discount. Everytime I think about it, I realize how stupid Giraudo really was: he sold Zidane to get Buffon, while he could have spared the money he spent in taxes and could have created even stronger teams.:disagree: It gets even nicer if you think that the taxes Lazio didn't pay were paid by honest citizens (also the ones who lost their fortunes thanks to Cirio), who saw their taxes rise. Many thanks, Cragnotti, really.

These are the honest clubs media talk about.

As for us, we didn't have debts, our players had regular documents, we didn't talk with refs (see Meani) and we didn't give them gifts.
Our only fault was having Moggi talking on the phone with Bergamo -something everyone else did- and the verdict itself says that we didn't commit a sportive illicit.

We are being taught that Moggi was the only rotten apple of Italian football and that now calcio is clean.

No, sorry but I can't accept it, I'm not gonna give up. They have spitted on the honour of our club and doubted (more than that, actually) its fair play, when they really had nothing to be proud about. There is still one chance to get justice and, personally, I feel I have to pursue it.
that last lil paragraph made me cry:cry: damn im proud to a fan of the same team as you


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Jan 26, 2007
And what about Mexes transfer to Roma, thy didn't pay the proper value.
And when Lazio was supost to go C1, the Biancocelesti threaten to make citizen war, and it's all forgiven...
And this last stufs about Inter goalkeper, r just not so intresting, but Juve fixin scandal IS. Aaaaa?
Hey will show the world who is who nex season!


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Sep 16, 2005
Why do you think that your case will go further than another group who were better backed than you who were following the same line?
If you are referring to Juventus' official Calciopoli trial and the trial that apparently took place in January I can answer your question.

Gigli did not even give the trial a chance. He pleaded guilty without knowing jack about whether Juventus actually did anything wrong. He accepted Serie B where he should've said: 'We're innocent'.

Antonello and co. claim to have evidence that Juventus are innocent and went to court saying we are innocent presenting their evidence to the court in the hope of achieving justice.

So, they are definately not following the same line. Of course Gigli had more money for the trial than Antonello and co. did.

But... Let's pray we get justice. It's free to hope.

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