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Sep 4, 2006
Well, doubt this move will happen but if we shop in Italy for a CM it’s either him or Barrella I guess.

SMS probably still too costly and will want big wages compared to this two kids.

It’s good that max has given ample time and confidence in Bentancur so at least it shows Juve is willing to play youth now to an extent.
Imagine Rambo shows up in the summer with his 10mil wage to ride the bench for a 19 y/o


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Jan 26, 2009
during the last couple of years, i've had some regrets missing out on some cm's who were on the market, including verratti, allan, fabinho or torreira, but i won't shed a tear if we "miss out" on barella. i'd refuse a bentancur-barella swap in a second.

zaniolo is obviously the player of the moment, he'd be very nice to have.
:agree: Yeah. Barilla and Chiesa are a tad overrated.

Allan and Fabinho would've been really good for us.

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