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May 29, 2005
recurring injuries are a real thing, so no, it's not only in your head. same for costa, every time someone tackles him or he does a sprint, i already see an other stagione finita headline on tuttojuve. and to make things worse, chiellini and demiral won't hit the books too hard, but costa with his yearly cost of ~21m is our 4th expensive player, and for that, he contributes very little. now, imagine the same for someone like zaniolo, costing 60m and having a 4-5m yearly salary, and breaking ligaments left and right.

i also wanted zaniolo here very badly, i admire his talent, and i admit that i downplayed the risks. the club and the whole industry being broke isn't funny, at least we didn't splash our budget on an other andrade.
I agree but with knee injuries I legit get anxious when I see them playing. I really do cringe. With muscle injuries I don't seem to mind NEARLY as much as I do with knee injuries. I need like 4-5 matches from that player under their belt before I start feeling normal again. That's what I mean "in my head".


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Apr 13, 2009
The risk. There is always a risk buying a player because they can always get injured. But the risk is higher with a player that has JUST recovered from a major knee injury.
60m ? Man that would be great price for him .

He got injured,but it's the other leg , this one doesn't have nothing to do with the last injury.

I would hate if we sell Demiral because he had acl injury .

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Jul 13, 2010
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