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Aug 27, 2010
That means he will get some minutes in March and maybe play a full game at the start of April.

I doubt we will ever be linked with him again after this injury. He is too much of a risk going forward. Sad story.
well we wanted Milik who had same injury history - torn one ACL after another, so I wouldnt be suprised to be also lnked with this guy again.


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Apr 13, 2009
Damn this sucks , I really really liked this kid .

Whatever I hope he'll recover again :(

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Carlos Primera

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Mar 29, 2009
Damn, feel sorry for the kid, he was developing into a promising talent too. Between the first injury and this one, thats about 12 months worth of recovery and rehab in all. I wonder if coming back to soon from the first injury contributed at all to this. It must have been only July and he was already playing matches for Roma, Demiral on the other hand was still training by himself.


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Apr 25, 2013
Like I said even before friedkin takeover, Zaniolo should be and was being pursued for next summer.

As a fan I would've liked seeing in our colors either way, this or next year, but genuinely chasing him for this year wouldn't have been pragmatic without a discount associated with the risk.
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