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Feb 21, 2015
Like, who is still smoking in 2020 except for old farts?

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So does everyone's favorite midget Koala Vulture hybrid. Platini also used to smoke when he was still playing. Buffon smoke too. I'm against the concept, but if they can peform, so be it. One of my best buddies is a fitness and conditioning coach and guess what? He smokes too.
Still unprofessional if you make your money as pro athlete. It's a matter of basic respect for me. The club pays you millions, the least thing you can do, is to not fuck up your own body in return.
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Apr 13, 2009
Roma will not sell Zaniolo. (@FabrizioRomano)

Someone on tw posted this , but I cannot find on Romanos feed .

Is this true @Mark ?

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