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Who do you want to see as our new coach?

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Dec 31, 2002
Pochettino: "Yes, I could leave and I could leave even if I lose [the final].

Guardiola Klopp Pochettino and Hag - Get one of them and end this who is our coach crap..

P.S look at this (Sarri)
I wonder why we want him... Is it because of his tremendous ability to lose it towards the end or maybe its because of his great champions league success with Napoli..
I know I know its because of his "unpredictable" way of playing football.. (If you dont know what I mean by predictable I`ll tell you this - wingers to attack from the right and left with Hamsik attacking the space - Sounds familiar?! ) - I`d take any coach we were linked with or on this thread over him (but Mourinho)


May 27, 2007
I want a coach with balls and somebody who wouldn't want to defend 0-0. Somebody who puts pressure on opponents because it's what wins in Europe. Somebody that doesn't want to defend with Ronaldo in the team.
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