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Who would you like as new Azzurri coach?

  • Trap should stay

  • Fabio Capello

  • Marcello Lippi

  • Luigi Del Neri

  • Dino Zoff

  • Carlos Bianchi

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Dec 31, 2000
Keep Trap or get someone new?

Capello: successful wherever he's coached; Milan, Real Madrid, Roma.. Does not seem to want the job currently. Under contract but looks to be leaving within a year or two.

Lippi: we know him. Under contract.

Del Neri: young coach with a fresh approach, attacking minded. Finished 5th with Chievo last year. Under contract.

Zoff: coched Juve and Lazio briefly, somewhat successful those times. Took the Azzurri to the Euro2000 final. Currently holds some administrative position at Lazio.

Bianchi: Coached in France and Argentina, also at Roma in the past. Most recently won 2 consecutive Copa Libertadores with Boca, beat Real Madrid to the Intercontinental trophy. Currently unemployed.

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Aug 28, 2002
I wuould like Eriksson (looks like he's about to leave England) or Scolari (He left Brazil)... I think there are a lot of good coaches in Italy but unfortunately as soon as they are in the hand of the FICG they totaly loose them self... looks like they just think about made this team or this person or this media happy an bla bla bla.... Let's try a foreign one...
Of the Italians the best is Capello, he won with 3 different teams but he is also the most expensive...
Zaccheroni is maybe the best with no contract at the moment...

But the truth is that will arrive Zoff, Tardelli or Gentile (from U21) those are the 3 names who they are speaking about... it won't be a "so big" change... but EVERYBODY IS BETTER THAN TRAP!!!!!!


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Dec 31, 2000
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    Zoff was criticized for being defensive minded at Euro2000. Though I actually thought the first few games were quite interesting to watch and they were comfortably won. Then came the fateful semifinal and final. Zoff resigned.

    Trap took over and it seemed he was doing a great job. They were winning comfortably and apparently playing an attacking game too. The qualifications were easily won but then came the problems. Trap changed the formation just before the WC from the one used nonstop for 2 years. The WC performance was very poor, relying on Vieri to score and the defence to keep it tight at the back. I think that to those who saw Italy cruise through the qualifiers it must have been a painful sight to see them do so poorly in Korea/Japan. Trap was excused due to poor refereeing, there is no way Italy would have won playing like they did. The team touted winners only made the quarter finals but Trap stayed on.

    Then post-WC history it seems he is getting everything wrong. Three very poor matches, a loss to Slovenia marks a new and non-improved Italy. Two years to qualify for Euro2004 and there is no light in the tunnel. The tactics are all wrong, the performance is not what it was, it's all going wrong. A lot of people seem to think Trap has no idea what he's doing.

    I think it's time for a new coach. Top choice would be Capello, otherwise I would not sacrifice Juve to get Lippi, rather to go for someone with an outside approach like Bianchi. It's been said the same set of men rule Italian soccer, as the influx of coaches in Serie A is minimal lately. I don't think it would hurt to employ a merited outside coach like Bianchi.


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    Aug 1, 2002
    Wonder where did you take this from, Martin! ;)

    You know my answer, then: Carlos "the Druid" Bianchi. I'm positive he'd have many recipes up his sleeve to solve Italy's problems. Outside approach as you pointed out. He believes in attacking ways, he's got a gameplan and above all, with him aboard, the call up's would be more consequent! Down with the crappy bastards and those who do not even play in their clubs. External glance means objective!

    But I know for a fact Italians will never abate themselves picking a foreign coach instead of a home grown allenatore.



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    Aug 28, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by respaul ] ++
    It will be grate!!! I wil pay 4 it!!!!
    But unfortunately it will never happen :down: the point is that in the FIGC there are always the same people... and thay will never choose him... those peaple are bullschit... Thay have to go and than we will have a coach like this... But if Carraro still there we will have Zoff or Tardelli or Gentile...
    It will be nice also to have Vialli... but to be realistic... is impossible... Carraro and the others are just old and Jurassic so they will prefer an old and Jurassic coach!

    They publisced the statistics about how many peaple looked the NT in TV. Italia 90 had a lot of audience, USA 94 a bit less but also very good, France 98 a bit less also but good... after it started to go down badly... Euro 2000 and this last WC did not have too much audience and this last match nobody gave a damn....
    So the sponsors are starting to complain they told Italy commercial value is now 60% then before...
    Thank you Trap! But everything is happening 4 money right... so it's sure that they will do something... they don't want to loose the sponsors....


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    Dec 31, 2000
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    ++ [ originally posted by Stephañho! ] ++
    Wonder where did you take this from, Martin! ;)
    I can admit to a good idea when I see one, even though it's not mine ;)


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    Jul 14, 2002
    I would have to go for Zoff or Del Neri..but it doesn't matter to me,as long as Trap is sacked or resigns.


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    Dec 31, 2000
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    Opinion: Bring Vialli through Trap door Thursday 17 October, 2002

    Football Italia

    He may be one of the world’s most successful Coaches but it is time that Giovanni Trapattoni was released from his duties. Last night’s 2-1 defeat in Wales, one that wasn’t entirely unexpected, was the latest piece of evidence that this side has no future under the guidance of Trap.

    He says he won’t quit, the Federation say they won’t sack him. But hopefully after a few days of serious consideration, one of the two parties will realise that this relationship must come to an end.

    Last night’s 90 minutes was the latest in a long line in which the side has failed to form a solid and well organised team from its undoubted individual world class stars. "We played excellently," clamed Trap after the game. An opinion that few shared in Cardiff when commenting on the Azzurri.

    Admittedly the side did have severe injury problems for their games against Yugoslavia and Wales – in which just one point was collected – but Trap is not being put on trial simply on his last two matches.

    Italy, three times World Cup winners and the runners-up at Euro 2000, have won just two of their last 10 games. They went to the World Cup as realistic contenders and came home with regrets, after their defensive attitude saw them knocked out in Round Two.

    Trap and other members of the squad blamed refereeing errors for numerous valid goals being chalked off for non-existent offside decisions. But that was a convenient smokescreen, one that probably kept the tactician his job.

    The fact is that he isn’t getting his side to do the basic things like keeping the ball and trying to construct. There have been endless examples of long ball football in the last 18 months, a ploy that proves useless without Christian Vieri who is missing through injury more often than not.

    His selections also have a bit to be desired. His insistence on picking Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso is becoming hard to comprehend. Yes, he is a fighter and plays with all his heart, but what about his feet? What use is he if he wins the ball and then immediately gives it back to the opposition?

    It’s time to get rid of this prudent football attitude. Last night again provided a perfect example. Trap replaced Gigi Di Biagio in the second half because he was afraid, as he admitted, the Inter man would get booked for the second time and be dismissed.

    So the Coach took him off, who up to that point was the Azzurri’s best midfielder, and replaces him with Gattuso. Wales then score, Gattuso is taken off and Marazzina is put on.

    It’s time to head down a new and brave route. "Italy needs a new Coach," said West Ham’s Paolo Di Canio last night.

    "We need a young man in the job like Gianluca Vialli," he told Radio 105 after the match. "It would be a similar experiment to what Lazio are trying with Roberto Mancini. The reality of the situation is that this Italy would struggle to beat Albania."

    While Di Canio’s recommendation initially seems rather risky, why shouldn’t someone like Vialli be given control? Even if qualification is still possible, there is no certainty that Trap could turn things around in the environment that he currently finds himself in.

    Vialli would be an ideal candidate. Options to replace Trap at the minute are few and far between. Marco Tardelli harmed his chances by taking on the poison chalice that was Inter two years ago. While if the FA wanted to re-appoint Dino Zoff, then they might as well keep Trap.

    Vialli could be given the job on a short term basis to see what occurs. If he gets us to Finals then great, if not then he just keeps the seat warm until Marcello Lippi takes over in the summer of 2004.

    Some might say that Vialli has done little in his brief managerial career to merit the post. But didn’t former Roma great Rudi Voeller get his Germany to the World Cup Final with his mediocre players? Give Luca a chance, Italian football needs this gamble.


    Words: Antonio Labbate
    Oct 6, 2002
    There is no doubt that Trap has to go. Okay, he went into the game against Wales with a freakishly long injury list but Italy should be capable of beating sides like that comfortably. Yet right from the kick-off, the team was nervous, panicky even, a state of mind typified by Nesta's alarming loss of composure. Ambrosini, Tommassi and Gattuso were awful, they are simply not good enough to play for Italy. And Di Biagio's removal cost us the game, until then we had bossed the midfield. Anyway, the new coach? Not an easy one. Zoff should never have gone in the first place so he's the obvious choice. Capello seems to have lost his way since he joined Roma, who in their right mind would persist with Jonathan Zebina in defence? Lippi would be ideal but I cant see him leaving Juve really. As for the idea of giving the job to a younger man like Vialli, maybe, but Vialli hasnt even got the neccessary accreditation yet has he? Mancini would be a better bet. And what clown said they'd like Eriksson to take over? Italy will never, ever employ a foreign coach. Only third rate nations need to do that. And anyway, in his final season in Serie A Eriksson's Lazio played the poorest football ive ever seen from an Italian team, he's a good coach but by no means a great one.


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    Jul 17, 2002
    I'm Kewl with Vialli....
    I made chelsea play great!!
    and with the stars or italy at his disposal, he can do even better... the best thing about vialli is that he can bring in new fresh ideas which italy need....
    True vialli has no experience, but look at Trap now... how is his truck loads of expirience helping him!!??

    Another choice...Del i said before.....
    then i would chose Zoff (because he pretty much knows the team from his Euro 2000 spell)

    In a perfect world, i would chose Cappello or Lippi....but these guys are with their clubs, so it makes no sense to bring them up at this time..


    The DJ
    Oct 30, 2001
    Capello for sure is the best manager in the known world :eek:

    but I prefer attacking football so Lippi gets my vote

    I see I am not a candidate martin :irritate:;)


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    Jan 12, 2002
    Del Neri, give him a chance and see how good is he. At least, he will play attacking football with entertainment, something the Azzurri didn't manage in a very long time! Another candidate includes Luca (Vialli). Having said that, I think the FIGC will opt for experience and pick Dino Zoff.


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    Jul 17, 2002
    The Italian FA have released a statement which suggests that they are seriously considering a change in national Coach.

    Boss Giovanni Trapattoni’s position is in doubt after the 2-1 defeat to Wales left the Azzurri with just four points from three games, leaving Euro 2004 qualification in serious doubt.

    "The Italian Football Federation has the utmost respect for Giovanni Trapattoni on a human and professional scale," said President Franco Carraro.

    "Italy’s position in the European Championship qualifiers has now become delicate, so much so that we have now compromised our passage to the Finals.

    "Reaching Portugal is an important objective for the whole of the Italian game and we must now look to collect maximum points in our five remaining matches."

    He continued: "Therefore the Federation will tranquilly examine all aspects of the national side in order for the team to start their next qualifier against Finland in March, 2003, in the best possible condition."

    Trapattoni confirmed today that he would not quit the position but it now seems likely that the former Juventus maestro is seriously risking his place on the hot seat.

    Favourite to take over the job is former boss Dino Zoff. Even if other candidates include Marco Tardelli, Claudio Gentile, Gianluca Vialli and even current England tactician Sven Goran Eriksson.

    A decision on Trap’s future is expected within the next seven days.


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