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Jun 9, 2003
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@Ferrari: It's amazingly sad how quickly the people on this forum lose faith in Del Piero. The guy starts the season with some world class performances, gets injured, plays shit for a while as we all know he does after serious injuries and is currently on the road back to form (he was good in 3 of our last 4 games) and all of a sudden he doesn't deserve to be playing for Juve, farless wearing the captain's armband. You guys disappoint me.

I've lost faith in him a long time ago mate...

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Aug 1, 2003
dp should stay as captain. even if we say no he's going to stay like that like it or not anyway.

but yes it'd be nice to see nedved as captain. perhaps ahead of tacchinardi? tacc's younger and all right so he has more time to take the armband i think.

but ferrara and conte, though quite invisible in the squad, still holds captaincy after dp because of their.. longevity at the club. did I use the right word?

and, last of all, most captains are italian anyway, no? davids would make a great captain :cool:


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Sep 30, 2003
Nedved would be great as captain! he's got everything that you need in a captain. That said, it would be unfair to DP to take the armband away from him, especially after all these years


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Nov 1, 2003
this thread is like the kick @the backside for DP... :LOL:

DP deserve to be captain IMO, but he needs to "stamp" his authority on the squad a bit more....more like keane :p i'd like to see him yell @someone for a change :D

lippi give captain-ship to players that have been playing with juve for a looog time...i.e tacchi, ciro, maybe no chance for nedved ;) ...YET....


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Mar 6, 2003
I said that nedved for captain would be cool because he is just an inspirational player.. a true warrior on the field. But just because i like his style.

Looking ath the reality.. leave DP with the armband.


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Jun 9, 2003
Well, he takes part in the coin toss at start, he motivates his team, he talks to the ref, etc... not really important really, it's more for prestige IMO ;)


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Aug 1, 2002
Oh please! Anyone featuring for Juventus FC is supposed to be big enough to be able to motivate himself on his own. If someone needs a good kick in the arse to get going, I'm sure Lippi would gladly help. A captain has none none role in a professional team like ours other than positively influence the referee so that he bents his decisions our way. Which requires a certain reputation and certain acknowledged qualities like fair-play, sportsmanship and moderatly arguing is also important. Del Piero has all that. Plus his name, and it's obvious his sole name can influence a decision in a favourable way just like it could bring any coach in the problem should the player so wish.

And as much as I appreciate Nedved's contribution (or Zambrotta just the same), they haven't been here long enough for me to hold them in the same esteem than a Tacchinardi, a Ferrara or a Conte. If the armband had to pass to someone else it should either one of them.

CSD - Your pschycological analysis regarding how the players feel whenever Del Piero is in ball possession has no grounds, it's whishful thinking at best.



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Apr 22, 2003
A captain has to keep a cool head at all times, esp. when his players are getting heated about the way a game's going. He needs to be able to talk to the referee with some tact and break up fights. That's about it though
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Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
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    plus he's the leader of the defence. He's perfect. All the other defenders look up to him
    Aug 27, 2003
    well i think del piero is a good capatin so he dosent score as much... he tries his best and we saw those close goals
    everyone should be motivated it shouldnt be the captains job to motivate them...many player do desrve the cap aswell u know
    like zambrotta..buffon?
    i see zambrotta te most active player on that pitch!!


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    Dec 16, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by sallyinzaghi ] ++
    dont insult montero :stuckup:
    anyway talking bout captains, does anyone know the perfect order of captainship?
    I dont think that captainship should be by order but who is the player that can affaect the play more like in the case of monaco captain GUILY

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