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Jul 12, 2002
++ [ originally posted by dinoo ] ++
oh,come on people!!!formation without zambrotta?!!??!he is 1 of the best right-winger iin the world!and 2. i think pesotto always has place before zenoni,of course,when he is fit and 3. maybe little better is with thuram on right back and tudor OR IULIANO! and montero on full-back.4. i dont know why 2 def.mid.fielders?why not simple 4-1-2-2-1
4: thuram-montero-tudor/iuliano-pesotto
2:camoranesi-del p.
1:trezegol or,or,or 4-4-2 with nedved-davids-tachinardi-zambrotta and del p-trezegoal in front!

i get it,do you want something like the catenaccio chain formation and also incorporate it into the midfield as well?


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Sep 1, 2002
Hopefully Trez would be well rested then when he returns coz he's very important to us with DP up front.
I wish Lippi could give the young Moretti a chance in Pessoto's position for speedy development.

I also believe that acquiring a creative player at Juve would make the difference in our play. D'Alessandro???
Jul 12, 2002
D'allessandro, Van der Vaart, Van der Meyde, any number of youngsters are there to be bought, but none of them could play in the champions league.

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