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Sep 23, 2003
Fuck Maher. Just another asshole that says inflammatory shit to get views but with the added air of superiority, conservatives have hundreds of versions them. It's like mixing Ben Shapiro with Seth MacFarlane.
Oooh. Two people on my bucket list for noosing themselves in their closets.

He apparently is on 4chan
I mean, of course he is. But is he really?

I guess that wouldn't surprise me. It also explains many of his claims and policies. And why Pompeo talks about enormous evidence of the virus coming from Wuhan labs.

All i know is there's MAGA in obamagate
:lol: True


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Apr 25, 2013
Like I said:

Is that four years even reel?

Everytime I think I've seen stupidest, that nothing else will surprise, something else Orangutan or supporters related does.
Last*, not that

Will the targeted 4chan incel demographic come to his rescue, get up and empty their pee jars, risk overexposure to sunlight, and vote?

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