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Apr 22, 2003
MJ usually refers to Michael Jordan :p

Michael Jackson is incredibly talented, and truly is the king of pop. He made some pretty bad career decisions, though... the surgery being one of them. He was a good-looking guy before all that, now he just looks like a weirdo.


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Jul 16, 2003
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awww man, I wish they would leave Michael Jackson all alone. Enough already. I think whatever they're saying is complete bull. And I don't care if he had 1000 surgeries or whatever, fact is he is one hell of an artiste. ugh. IM WITH YA MJ!!!!
Why do you think he is innocent?

I know nuts abt him and i just wanted yuor opinion here.


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Apr 22, 2003

Jacko: 'Children sleep in my bed'

Outrage has followed the latest revelations from Michael Jackson that children share his bedroom at night.

The singer has admitted he has formed a close friendship with a 12-year-old boy, Gavin Arvizo, who regularly spends the night at his Neverland mansion. (Picture: Living with Michael Jackson - a Tonight Special, ITV1)

Gavin said he was suffering from cancer when he first met Jackson, but that his relationship with the star has helped to cure him.

Jackson said he always slept on the floor when Gavin was there.

More than 14 million TV viewers in the UK saw the revelations, made in an ITV1 documentary, Living with Michael Jackson - a Tonight Special.

And broadcast rights have been bought up for the US and Europe. Child care authorities in the US have promised to look closely at the film when it is broadcast there.

Asked in if he and Gavin ever shared a bed, Jackson replied: "No. But I have slept in a bed with many children."

He said: "It's not sexual. We're going to sleep. I tuck them in and I put a little music on and when it's story time I read a book.

"We go to sleep with the fire on and I give them hot milk and cookies. It's very charming and very sweet. It's what the whole world should do."

Gavin said his parents are happy about his friendship with the star, who phones him often in a series of late-night calls.

When told many people would think it inappropriate for a 44-year-old man to share a bed with a young boy, Jackson dismissed them as "ignorant" and "wacky".

"Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with someone," he said.

"It's a beautiful thing. It's very right, it's very loving. Because what's wrong with sharing a love?"

His comments were made in the programme in which award-winning Tonight journalist Martin Bashir was given unprecedented access.

Bashir said he was "astonished" to discover Jackson still enjoyed close relationships with young boys.

Jackson was once the undisputed King of Pop, but his reputation never recovered from the scandal which shocked the world in 1994.

He was accused of molesting 13-year-old Jordy Chandler - allegations he has always denied - and paid the boy's parents £18 million to drop a civil case against him.

The other children the star says he has shared a bed with include former child actor Macauley Culkin, his brother Kieran and the Culkin boys' sisters. He said it was always the children's choice to sleep in his bedroom and he was happy to oblige.

Dj Juve

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Jul 12, 2002
what a bastard..loved all of songs before that surgery..now :yuck: i cant believe i had posters of him..he's a sick man, but some sympathy goes to him. he did not have the best childhood :frown:

:undecide: he's early music was great, but why TF change skin man? :down:


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Aug 26, 2003
haha ! oh man ... hes in so much trouble !

I hate CNN btw. Yesterday instead of showing stuff about the Bomb Blasts in Turkey, they were tracking every single move Jackson made.

Anyway, its funny coz his new album is called "One More chance". A little ironic don't you think ?

He is around 300 Million $ in debt ...

Man ! hes so screwed. I never liked him or his music, but i kinda feel bad for him.


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Sep 16, 2003
I defended him 10 years ago when the first wave of speculation hit.

But I can't defend him this time.

I'm very disappointed in him. Even if he is found not guilty of these charges, he just doesn't get it. That is what's most disturbing, as if the common laws of the land don't apply to him. I find it kind of strange that 2 of his staunchest supporters, Elizabeth taylor and Liza Minelli, have nothing to say this time around.

Shame on you, Michael, you've managed to confound and disappoint your millions of fans once again, myself included.
Aug 1, 2003
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    i dont know, i watched the WHOLE video of the controversial MJ vid (courtesy of Kazaa) and the ones they show on tv is kinda twisted compared to the original one... i cant explain, but it made me feel confident he's innocent.

    I dont know, i really dont care what he did with his skin or whatever, damn hes so talented..

    And i dont think he did this child molesting thing.. its just.. not him.. and I dont understand why ppl keep on bugging him, its pissing me off :down:


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    Jul 14, 2002
    Open your eyes Sally..

    10 years ago he paid a boy 20milion dollars to drop the charges against him... Im sorry but theres only one reason you pay to get out of these charges and thats simply that hes guilty as hell.

    Any human being however rich would go all out to prove there innocence of these kind of charges not pay any amount of money what about 20mil

    Since then there has been many strange incidents involving him and children and on top of that tv interviews where he himself has admitted sleeping in the same bed as little kids.

    They even changed the law on the back of his previous case... As even though the police wanted to take it to court they couldnt after the boy was bought out.
    So now even if the boy is again bought out the police can continue anyway

    The guy is a sick perv that should have been locked up years ago.
    He is a disgrace to humankind....

    Im sure if you had children yourself you would feel very different.


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    Apr 22, 2003
    Jackson surrenders to police
    November 21, 2003

    MICHAEL Jackson has surrendered to police on an arrest warrant for charges of child molestation.

    The onetime self-described "King of Pop" has been filmed in handcuffs in Santa Barbara, being escorted into a police station by officers.

    He is currently being booked in what will be a humiliating process involving fingerprinting and having a mugshot taken.

    "Michael Jackson was taken into custody at 12:05 pm (7.05am AEDT) at Santa Barbara airport. He is now being transferred to the main county jail to be processed and booked," Mr Anderson said.

    The "multiple counts" of abuse against a child under the age of 14 against one of the world's top performers were announced by the sheriff and prosecutors on Wednesday.

    "I expect that he will post bail and turn over his passport at that time," the sheriff told reporters in front of Santa Barbara police station moments after a Lear Jet arrived at Santa Barbara airport to be greeted by police.

    The process of booking Jackson would take about an hour, he said.

    The jet parked with its nose and door inside a hanger obscuring the view of those disembarking and a few minutes later a convoy of four cars led by a police patrol car and motorcycle officer left the hangar for the city of Santa Barbara about 14km from the airport.

    Jackson could not be spotted alighting from the plane, believed to have brought him from the gambling hub of Las Vegas, as a media and television cameras followed the convoy in cars and helicopters.

    Each of the counts could result in Jackson being jailed for up to eight years if convicted.

    Jackson family values
    Michael Jackson's father says he never beat his son but admits in a TV interview to be broadcast tomorrow that he whipped him. Joe Jackson told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he whipped Michael with a switch and a belt but says he never dealt out a beating. "You beat someone with a stick," the BBC quoted him as saying in a story on its Web site yesterday. The pop singer has consistently accused his father of beating him as a child. The interview was conducted by Louis Theroux in a hotel room in an unspecified location in the United States and overseen by a man, Majestik Magnificent, who described himself as Michael Jackson's personal magician. Magnificent is frequently heard interrupting the interview, at one point threatening to call it off when Jackson is asked several questions about his son's alleged facial plastic surgery. Jackson says Michael can do what he likes with his nose. The television program follows unsuccessful attempts by Theroux to gain an interview with the 45-year-old pop superstar himself.


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    Jul 23, 2002
    I got his back, he may try bum me though.

    Just playing. I think hes a child a heart 'im peter pan! SHAMOAAN MOTHERF...
    HEEE HEEE'. He's innocent:cool:

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