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Nov 25, 2005
I think he still wants to stay. But if he doesn't gets any fair change till the end of the season. Then there is a big possibility that he will leave. Especially if he plays good on the Euro 2020. But to play good on euro 2020 he needs to play more. only training will not make u better with out match rhythm
Bonucci will not let him go to Milan. They're simply rotten.


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Oct 31, 2012
He should definitely be getting more minutes. He can't be worse than that fraud Raguno.

Raguno and Burnerpeski seem to be in Sarri's good books - that's the only explanation I have for them getting minutes and starting important matches.
To be honest, at least rugani and bern have had beast moments in Juve shirt. Can and khedira and matuidi anf bentancur never

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