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Apr 5, 2006
"Those were the hardest days of my life, i knew something was wrong and that we were in trouble eventhough we were not guilty, i saw that they will demote us to Seria B, i noticed that they were selling some very important players to earn money.... I didnt even know what i was doing, naturally, so did the others who loved this club with their whole heart i saw Alex and Gigi on a bench in the hallway and i sat next to them and told them 'im with you guys, im not leaving this club too'.... And then i went in the club's offices and told the management ' Decrease my salary as much as you want just please dont sell me.' They heard me out, i wanted to live through the bad moments with this club just as i lived through the good ones...."

Mauro German Camoranesi


Mar 6, 2007
Yeah it's a nice tale he tells but things weren't quite like that at the time. There were more than a few rumbles from him at the time, then again in December he talked about having no motivation and hinting at leaving. But in the end he stayed and got past the grumbles and that matters more.

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