Jan 24, 2007
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i dont like the man tbh, but pretty excited.

he has a great team at his disposable. full of grinta, experienced players, technical and pacey players, and god like machine of a player in attack.

i think we are in for a treat. i think a lot of people are underrating how strong of a team we have now. even last season we did, but needed change in mentality mostly


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Feb 21, 2017
"The addition of Matthijs de Ligt is exciting: The former Napoli boss was made aware of Juve's pursuit in early discussions and is confident he will help the Netherlands international fulfil his potential as a top-level defender.

The 19-year-old's settling-in time will be short, though, and there is a real possibility Sarri will not start him in the opening weeks—possibly even months—of the season."

Jan 22, 2016
De Ligt :
"I spoke to Sarri on the phone very quickly to get to know him, nothing more. He's also one of the reasons I wanted to come to Juve because I heard lots of good stories about him – the way he plays, the philosophy he has, the attacking football, how he prepares the defensive line – so he was a big reason.”

Stars want to join us because of him <3


Mar 23, 2015
Unbelievable, maybe we brought in Sarri for De Ligt? :think:

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it was a pretty standard presentation. great club, great team mates, great challenge, great stadium, and yeah, great coach. any defender is gonna be 100% happy with a supposedly attacking coach, especially a player admittedly joining a league for its defensive culture, no two ways about it.


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Aug 30, 2002
What? He even bring up Sarri himself out of nowhere when he got asked why he came to Juve, he said specifically that Sarri and his philosophy was one of the reasons.
As I told you, he was directly asked and he said this. I saw the full press conference.

Doesnt make it any less complimentary. But it was a fairly standard response in presentation/press conference kinda thing. De Ligt in general was very professionally humble and thoughtfully diplomatic with every response. Not letting any question mislead him or over hype the situation.