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May 3, 2012
I’m not seeing the problem. This guy was paid handsomely for dogshit work. If there’s an opportunity to cut the costs I would’ve used that too. he’s set for life several times over, and I have zero sympathy for millionaires.


Jul 27, 2015
Of course I agree. But going from the club's perspective, I always thought the minimum requirement for him was the scudetto. He acheived that, and they still fired him nonetheless (rightly so). You could argue the same for Allegri's last season in 2018. So why do the club feel the need to skirt around stating that the performances were the justification behind Allegri's sacking?
This is a totally different Juventus on all levels to the one that ultimately sacked Allegri v1 and Sarri… anyway, that was just the only logical explanation i can think of as to why they trying so hard to portray this dismissal as primarily due to the post Coppa antics.


Jul 15, 2002
He accused Vaciago Tuttosport director of being paid by Juventus to write lies about him.
So now tell me if this is defending Juventus.
That is just that. Allegations so far. Is there evidence that he threatened the guy? Or accused him of writing lies?


'Toli Throater
Jun 1, 2012
Drama queens everywhere

Give it a rest ffs

It feels amazing to know that he's no longer our coach. If/when the new coach delivers, none of these incidents would even matter and be long forgotten.

There's no doubt that this management is inept but this club needs to be cleansed. No more getting dinosaurs from the past.

We got a new CEO last year, a new promising young coach this year, get some JJ legends back to the club. Make this club a serious business again.

Finally something to look forward to next season. It's been long overdue.


Footballing Hipster celebrating 4th place with Tuz
Sep 21, 2008
This guy got paid like a bank robber to have full autonomy at the club and deliver disgusting shit for 3 years.

As soon as we hire an actual manager Allegri has a complete meltdown and disgraced the club with his ridiculous behavior and insinuations.

On the contrary, It's not juventus style to have one man greater than the whole club.


Junior Member
Sep 27, 2021
That is just that. Allegations so far. Is there evidence that he threatened the guy? Or accused him of writing lies?
The evidence, is the dismissal and unfortunately for him there were witnesses and therefore he did not deny it.
He realized he screwed up and went to meet up with Vaciago to clarify things, a way to say sorry i messed it up.

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