Was Allegri a good choice: Yes or no?

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Dec 16, 2012
United is still lingering there.

As I told that ridiculous @Bananaman a long time ago Glazers have no interest in winning, just getting their CL money. Everyone around them is spending like crazy, they just bought VdB and are haggling over 20m for Telles and they're the richest and should be the most powerful club in the league. Ole is ofc just happy to be there.

They have an incredibly hard schedule coming up and CL football with no depth. If he survives the next 2-3 months he'll stay there for life. Pochettino would probably be a heavy favorite for their bench, but I think Max would have a chance.

Abramovich won't hesitate to pull the trigger on Lampard after spending that much money if they get in a rut at any point and PSG are always a wildcard.


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May 5, 2004
If Ranieri can snatch 1 title in EPL. Wonder what will Allegri achieve there?

Everton already get the fruitful display from Ancelotti.

Man Utd is the best destination for him. He will revive Pogba and with Bruno Fernandes everything will be built around them

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Sep 4, 2006
I would think a decision as important as the new coach would be a collective decision and not one you can pin on solely paratici or nedved.

Even if someone in particular pushed for it, :fab::agnelli::pavel: should all be embarrassed for allowing Cigarillo Mo to happen
Apr 19, 2007
I could be wrong here but I think a lot of the decision is based on having a product thats marketable to draw in new fans. The game has become global and our defensive style isnt very marketable on the world stage. I personally hate it bc I always loved the Juve style and its why I fell in love with them.

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