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Aug 1, 2002
Viola move in on Maresca
Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Fiorentina are believed to have struck an agreement with Juventus for midfielder Enzo Maresca.
The 24-year-old is tipped to be offloaded by Juve before the start of the season and the club have been in negotiations with the Viola.

Maresca joined the Old Lady five years ago from West Brom and has consistently struggled to establish himself at Stadio Delle Alpi.

He has undertaken loan spells at Bologna and Piacenza and was in-and-out of the Juve side last season.

The midfielder's contract expires next year and Juve have offered no signals that they are prepared to discuss an extension.

New coach Fabio Capello is willing to sacrifice Maresca and it appears Fiorentina could be his next port of call.

Maresca would prefer to stay in Turin but he may have little option but to accept a move to Fiorentina despite the animosity between the two clubs.

The player's only hope is to hold out for another club to come in for his services as Aston Villa were linked with a bid while Juve admitted they would be amenable to using Maresca as bait to land Udinese ace Marek Jankulovski.

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Jan 31, 2004
Maresca has Viola option
Thursday 22 July, 2004

Enzo Maresca’s agent has confirmed that the Juventus ace is of interest to newly promoted Fiorentina.

The midfielder, who only has a year left on his contract in Turin, is reported to be on his way out of the club.

But his representative has revealed that the former West Brom star is still pondering what to do next.

"The Viola are interested in him," stated Alessandro Moggi. "We are looking at what would be best for his future. Right now nothing has been sorted out."

It is unclear whether the former Italian Under-21 international has a career in Turin under boss Fabio Capello.

Meanwhile, Moggi also looked to explain the transfer status of Juventus target Massimo Oddo.

"Lazio have just had a change of President and are looking to appoint a Coach," he added. "From now on they will start evaluating the situation in the capital."


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Jun 25, 2003
It does seem like a nice option for Maresca. He would get to play all the time and would be their main player. So I say we should sell him instead of torturing him any longer.


Jul 15, 2002
I think I will look at this issue from three points:

1. Juve's Point of view
I think it's disgraceful how Juve are treating Maresca. We always seem to be shot changing players but then maybe thats why our books balance so well.

2. My point of view
I have watched Maresca a couple of times. My favourite moment was the goal against Torino & the celebration thereafter. Having said that I think we should sell him as soon as possible. Maresca is nothing special, some good touches which linger long in the memory but not extra ordinary. Much has been said about this but Kweku sums it up nicely.

3. Maresca's point view
It would be great if he could get a team that gives him a chance to play more regularly. It still shocks me that a player who's been to West Brom cannot complete a match comfortably. Those Nationwide boys are super fit :admiration:


Mar 30, 2003
i was looking forward to the summer at the end of last season because i was expecting moggi to bring in some top class players but ive been let down really really bad. So far its been pathetic, and its just getting worse.


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Apr 22, 2003
++ [ originally posted by Zlatan ] ++
Latest stories are saying that Maresca has refused Fiorentina's approach.
Oh, what a surprise :rolleyes:

I wonder what this could mean...

maybe, just maybe, Enzo wants to stay with us, which is why he's waited so long to get a chance to play for us and has on numerous occasions turned down offers to join other clubs.

Maybe he wants to STAY :fero:


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Aug 6, 2003
I dont understand how Maresca is just avearage as some people are suggesting.

He was a top rated midfielder last year by many media outlets, and the year before was even better rated. A major part of the U-21 team, and is now READY to have his chance with a big club. If last year was the chance, no young player will ever succeed with Juventus.

The Arif

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Jan 31, 2004
yeah, maresca rejected a move to fiorentina.

In other transfer news, Juventus midfielder Enzo Maresca has rejected a move to newly promoted Fiorentina.



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Jul 14, 2002
We shouldn't be forced into offering Maresca a new contract, that's the kind of thing that should come natural when there's a talented player such as Enzo involved.


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Jun 14, 2004
Well, the way I see it if Maresca don't go now, he will probably go for free next season, so....
I dunno, maybe its best for the club to make some money out him, as obviously he won't be 1st choice under Capello.

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