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Aug 5, 2006

It is an interesting hypothesis. Seeing him play in that position again at least in pre-season.


Mar 23, 2015
rugani has:
1 season at the juve primavera
1 season at the 1st team

3 seasons needed between the age of 15-21 at the same club to qualify as a homegrown player

am i missing something?


Mar 23, 2015
stop browsing twitter, just check his data @ transfermarkt, wiki, soccerway or whatever. he's not club trained if he hasn't played at least 3 seasons at the same club, period.


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Aug 30, 2002
Immobile is club trained in CL standards since he was in our primevera/owned by us until two years ago basically. The Dortmund part is only because thats his current club.

Marrone isnt on the list but clearly he is club trained.

I find it hard to believe Rugani is in italian criteria when he isnt for CL. It seemed like they were going for exact same criteria.


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Apr 14, 2013
Immobile is owned by Sevilla, not Dortmund, and he counts as a club trained player for both Serie A and CL

Rugani counts only as a club trained in Serie A, because he was co owned between us and Empoli, but to count as club trained in the CL he has to actually spend 3 seasons at the club, not being loaned out

i asked about Marrone because the guy posted this in his thread, but also because he returned from loan and is part of the club now, same as Pinsoglio, yet he isnt on the list (Pinsoglio is) and even guys we havent signed yet like Immobile or Mirante are on the list while he isnt

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