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Dec 24, 2004
++ [ originally posted by Bürke ] ++
Whoa whoa boys, Freddy is possibly the best young player in the professional world in any sport in over a century. I watched his opener in a DC kit, and he did not play up to standards. BUT, would you as a 14 yr old in a professional league. I understand and would admit that the MLS is not the serie a, bundesliga, or the weakness of England, but still it is professional none the less.
This is Burke's first post :rofl:


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Aug 31, 2005
++ [ originally posted by TottiJuventino ] ++
Oh, really?
He's a striker and have 23 years old. Plays in São Paulo.
I thought he was playing in Sevilla.
Diego would be a class buy, I rated him higher than Robinho when they played in Santos.


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Nov 3, 2005
++ [ originally posted by tassard ] ++
Tevez anyone?

Tevez is great! but I don't know if he would fit in at Juve, I think he would be better at Bayern or Inter.

This guy is great!


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Jun 26, 2005
Maybe... because Corinthians isn't the Tevez' owner. Tevez' owner is MSI, the "Corinthians partner". If MSI wants send Tevez to Atlético, Chelsea, ManU, Milan, PSV, Benfica or to Juve, they can.

But I still thinking he can come to Chelsea. It's just he plays enough games for Argentina and be able to play at England.
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