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May 27, 2007
Roma leap for Luis Fabiano Saturday 22 March, 2008

Roma are staging an audacious bid for Liga top scorer Luis Fabiano, who could be snapped up for just £8.7m.

The Brazilian has been on spectacular form for Sevilla this season and has already netted 22 goals, 28 including Cup competitions.

Also the first choice centre-forward for the Selecao, he was signed from Porto in 2005 for less than £2m.

His price-tag has naturally rocketed since then, but the Gazzetta dello Sport claims there is a clause in his contract that could release him this summer for just £8.7m.

The money to pay for Luis Fabiano would come from the sale of Amantino Mancini, but it would also force a change of tactics.

He is a pure centre-forward, so Francesco Totti would by necessity be removed from that role and put further back into the Roma system.

It is possible they could keep the 4-2-3-1 with Totti in a deeper role behind the striker.

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