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May 17, 2019
Question...if we have a full defense to choose from does he start next to Chiellini or is de ligt guaranteed a spot?
In my mind it's Chiellini-de Ligt no questions asked. de Ligt is like Mbappe in defense, you don't put that kind of talent on bench for Bonucci and Chiellini is Chiellini. leader of our team, one of the best CBs in the game and should absolutely start whenever possible and reasonable.

il brutto

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Jun 6, 2015
Giving him captain's armband would be strange for a club like Juventus. Not even Borussia Dortmund will give captain's armband to Hummels when Reus gets injured.
It's Sarri's decision. Last year Allegri didn't consider him for captaincy apart from couple of games. I personally don't mind him being the captain. He has played most of his career at Juve.


May 23, 2011
Seeing him wear that arm band makes me love Juventus 50% less.
Whom would you made captain? Out of current starters, no one fits better. Several years back we had few players that could comfortably wear an armband. These days though we lack genuine bandiera and Bonucci is the closest we have.
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