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Piemonte Calcio
Sep 4, 2006
what do you guys think about a bonucci - de ligt partnership? is de ligt beast enough to carry bonucci defensively?

so much ability on the ball :tuttosport: :tuttosport:


Senior Member
May 11, 2005
There will be a couple instances where he's beaten for pace but I think he's a disaster when he's sitting deep trying to mark headers. He's never been a man marker. The way Sarri plays, the CBs just hold the line and watch the ball. I think Bonucci is better like this, I don't know if he will be better than Demiral though, who looks like a monster.
True, no matter what system Bonucci is a liability when defending unless he has Chiellini and Barzagli next to him.

Demiral looks really impressive, hopefully he can step up.


Senior Member
Jul 15, 2017
Under Sarri's system hopefully Bonucci offensive contributions will outweigh his defensive miscues. Of course I guess was dreaming of 100 league goals last season but thought a reality of more often having a 2-0, 3-1 lead at the 75-80 minute mark instead of 1-0 with CR7 would happen. This year the safe lead must happen!


Senior Member
May 17, 2019
last season Chiellini was number 8 in our team in minutes played with 2738 and in 17/18 he was number 7 with 3172 minutes played.

Giorgio gets a muscle injury every once in a while, but suggesting he's on his way to miss half a season is ridiculous

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