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Jan 24, 2004
source: www.focus-online.de
based on: gaztta dello sport


Italiens Rekordmeister Juventus Truin versinkt in einem Doping-Skandal. Der Verdacht, dass Stars der "Alten Dame" Juventus massiv das verbotene Dopingmittel EPO eingenommen haben, setzt das Management des Renommierklubs im Rahmen des Doping-Prozesses gegen die Turiner stark unter Druck. Für Aufsehen sorgte ein Gutachten des Emathologen der römischen Universität Cattolica, Giuseppe D´Onofrio, Berater des Fußballverbands FIGC.

Zehn Spieler unter Verdacht

Im Auftrag der Turiner Richter, die im Dopingprozess gegen Juventus urteilen müssen, überprüfte der Professor die Blutanalysen Dutzender von Juventus-Fußballern zwischen 1994 und 1998.

Aus den starken Werteschwankungen schloss D´Onofrio, dass mindestens zehn Juventus-Profis, darunter Alessandro Del Piero, Didier Deschamps, Paolo Montero, Antonio Conte und Alessio Tacchinardi, EPO eingenommen haben sollen. Dies berichtete die Tageszeitung Gazzetta dello Sport in ihrer Dienstag-Ausgabe. Die verbotene Substanz sei den verletzten Spielern verschrieben worden, um ihre Genesung zu beschleunigen. Auch gesunde Profis hätten EPO eingenommen, um ihre Leistungen zu steigern, meinte der Professor.

Gründlichkeit in Frage gestellt

Sein Bericht wurde von den "Juve"-Rechtsanwälten heftig kritisiert. Sie bestritten die wissenschaftliche Gründlichkeit der Untersuchung. Im Rahmen des Turiner Anti-Doping-Prozesses waren in den vergangenen Monaten mehrere Spieler vernommen worden, darunter der französische Nationalspieler und Spielmacher von Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane. Er hatte zugegeben, das nicht auf der Dopingverbotsliste stehende Kreatin eingenommen zu haben, während er bei Juventus unter Vertrag stand. Auch andere Spieler wie Del Piero hatten die Einnahme von Kreatin zugegeben.

Den Juve-Funktionären wird vorgeworfen, Spieler in den 90-er Jahren systematisch gedopt zu haben. Da es damals in Italien noch kein Dopinggesetz gab, lautet die Anklage von Staatsanwalt Raffaele Guariniello auf Sportbetrug. Im Visier hat Guariniello vor allem den Gebrauch von Kreatin, das die Regenerationszeit verkürzt.


ten stars (e.g. Alessandro Del Piero, Didier Deschamps, Paolo Montero, Antonio Conte and Alessio Tacchinardi) took the forbidden EPO (for speeding-up regeneration) between '94 - '98

based on: advisory opinion of Giuseppe D´Onofrio (medical consultor of FIGC), D'Onofrio investigated blood-analysis of these players, and even healthy ones took EPO to improve performance

Juve lawyers question the scientific thoroughness, EPO-reproach is part of Torino-Anti-Drug lawsuit, attorney Raffaele Guariniello blames Juventus FC of systematic doping in the 90s, also taking of Kreatin is accused, players as Zidane and Del Piero agreed that they took Kreatin (also for speeding-up regeneration)

but Italy didn't have a anti-doping law in the 90s and so attorney charges for sports-deception


This topic was propably discussed here at the forums but I decided to re-warm it. The sentence is expected to be announced during next weeks.

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Dec 31, 2000
I read this on Norwegian teletext this morning, though Del Piero wasn't mentioned. Your German source is probably more accurate though.

Btw, Zidane did take creatine, he said it lots of times and it's not a banned substance in Italy (it is banned in France thou).
Jan 24, 2004
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    yes it's not a banned substance but does it mean that these accusations are wrong? After reading it there isn't any delict because there weren't any anti-doping-laws and creatin is not a banned substance. but is it that simple? any lawyers here? :)
    Sep 28, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by kurvengeflüster ] ++

    but Italy didn't have a anti-doping law in the 90s and so attorney charges for sports-deception
    if i understand this right, medical staff and/or players wont be charcged for using doping but for sorta cheating?


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    Jul 27, 2002
    ++ [ originally posted by Martin ] ++
    I read this on Norwegian teletext this morning, though Del Piero wasn't mentioned. Your German source is probably more accurate though.

    Btw, Zidane did take creatine, he said it lots of times and it's not a banned substance in Italy (it is banned in France thou).
    Swedish Media gives the Danish news agency Ritzau as source to
    the report from Giuseppe D'Onofrio (Cattolica-university of Rome)

    and here are the 10 names they have written!
    No Del Piero!

    Didier Deschamps
    Paolo Montero
    Manuel Dimas
    Moreno Torricelli
    Antonio Conte
    Alessio Tacchinardi
    Ciro Ferrara
    Angelo Peruzzi
    Angelo Di Livio
    Alessandro Birindelli

    The Pado

    Filthy Gobbo
    Jul 12, 2002
    This doping trial has been going on for about 5 years, I think. I don't know if it's a witch hunt or if it will ever come to a conclusion, but it seems clear that two of the defendants, Dr. Riccardo Aggricola and Antonio Giraudo are facing criminal charges and prison if convicted. I live in a place where this action gets no media coverage, so please keep the updates coming. Thanks.
    Apr 4, 2004
    1) we shudnt worry as there shud be no grounds to charge
    2)about zidane takin the drug, cudnt be be done for it if he played for france that year? i dunno how long it lasts in your body for?!
    Jan 24, 2004
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    Well I found another German article at www.nzz.ch which also doesn't mention Del Piero. Either the German news agency dpa did a mistake (most of the article based on dpa) or it's just weird :D

    But at www.nzz.ch there were other interesting informations:

    Murdoch's Sky TV paid € 90 million to Juventus FC, Milan recieves € 81 million and Internazionale gets "only" € 65 to 72 million. But that's not all. Berlusconi competes against Sky with his firm "Mediaset". After changing laws the Italian president can offer a terrestrial broadcasting of all home games of the three giants. Therefor Juventus will be paid € 32 million until the end of 06/07. AC and Inter each one gets € 27 million. The new offer is going to have 21 million subscribers who can watch a home match (of Juve, Inter or Milan) for € 2. Other clubs as Roma, Lazio or Parma are not involved and get nothing. I guess another foothill of these agreements is the "Rosso Alice"-section at www.juventus.com


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    Jul 27, 2002
    I'm going to react now since we have a couple of, "we shouldn't worry"! ;)

    Creatine is not a drug! It's a substance that is legal in as far as I know
    most countries. It's also a substance that is being produced in small levels
    by your own liver!

    Sadely this "problem" juve is involved in isn't about some players using
    Creatine! It's about the team Dr. telling the players to take one
    substance after the other.

    When the raid was done against juve they found over 150 medical
    substances. 11 which are on the "black list". medical substances that are
    to be used on players that return from operation/injury, ppl. that have
    cancer, ppl. that suffer from severe form of depression and etc.

    I've seen a documentary about this on TV and I have to say it wasn't
    pleasant at all. One player after the other was called in for hearing and
    the prosecutor would name one substance after the other and the juve
    player had to answer if he had taken it or not: Yes, Yes, no, I think so, not
    sure and etc.

    The problem here is that those 11 substances are alone not a biggie...
    But with the right mix between one and other they can be used for doping.

    like i.e. they asked Torricelli if he ever was depressed during his time
    in JUVE. He said no and then got the question why he was given
    SAMYR in that case? Either he played clueless or he was in fact really
    surprised that Samyr was used by ppl. who are in depression...

    as a supporter I take great shame in what has happend!
    However having as a Juve supporter taking crap from other supporters about this matter is one thing I don't fancy a lot! Especially if U really read about doping in Serie A U will notice that as far back as the 60's players have said they were given Vitamin injections and all sort of pills!
    What Juve has done is a shame, but nothing they started or something I believe they were alone doing at the time!!!

    ::::: :::: ::: :: :

    Andrea Chiapuzzo: Sampdoria team Dr. 1961-1995
    "the injections used to content Vitamin B, dextrose and Micoren"
    Micoren a substance that is on the Black List, not sure since when!

    Carlo Petrini (Genoa, Milan, Varese, Catanzaro, Roma, Cesena):
    "when I hear about what players today have been given and all I can't help laughing! In my days we were bombard with one pill after the other, making todays Creatine and other hormons sound like sweets"

    Nello Saltutti: "They always told us these are Vitamins, but who knows what it really was?"

    Nello Saltutti (before MILAN Vs Man.Utd):
    They had a thermos going round to us players, they said it was coffee and
    would do us good! I never drank Coffee and didn't see why I should start doing it before the game, anyhow I drank! I have to say I never felt this way we could all run much more than we ever had done. However the day after none of us was feeling good, we all looked really pale, if it was the though game or the hard surface that made us all more tierd I don't know?"

    Dino Berardi (Catanzaro 60's): "Each friday before the game they would take us to the hospital. We were all given our own room and there would be a brownish intravenous drip, I think it was vitamins"

    Zizou: "I had never used creatine before my time with Juve and didn't use it any longer when I left. I had some vitamin injections, you need it when playing so many games"

    for more (italian):

    btw. back to "we shouldn't worry" well non of the players will face any
    legal action against them! In that case sure don't worry! ;)


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    Mar 31, 2004
    I saw a document on monday about this, and man, it really was depressing... :down: Dr. Agricola gave medicine all the time to the players, and the players didn't know what it was... They tried to use depression medicines combined to other medicines to boost players blood values etc... Or so it was claimed... DPs and Crespo's (just an example from Parma) blood values we're shown as examples, and they we're pretty suspicious...

    Was it the same document Juventino, there was talk about Milanlab and our tour on North America etc.?!


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    Mar 31, 2004
    btw way fellows, I think it's the time for poll: Do you believe in clean football? And should FIFA accept Wada's rules?!


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    Feb 21, 2004
    I think all other major sports now use "clean methods", except for football. I am not sure, but I think that Int-l Olympic Committee even wanted to ban FIFA from participating in the Olympics if they didn't sign an agreement with that Doping Agency.


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    Mar 31, 2004
    well american football definitely isn't clean, and probably the same goes for NHL (ice hockey), they don't even do doping tests... :rolleyes:

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