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Jul 13, 2002
they aren't that good but they can create us big problems if we are not concenrated so we need yo addd some new faces in the formation that they have hunger to play playing one of zalayet and salas is an option ,, in midfield what about baiocco and zamby??

in defence fresi is good to rest ferrara

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Aug 3, 2002
It's impossible to predict the un-predictable- that's what Juve are right now. I expect to see a big improvement against Udinese, a team who will be battling against relegation. To be honest, I'm still fuming with Juve to be interested in the match right now, maybe that'll change come Saturday.:(


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Jul 30, 2002
Del Piero to miss Udinese tie? Thursday 24 October, 2002

Alessandro Del Piero is set to miss his first game of the season on Saturday because of injury.

The No 10 picked up a hip problem in the 1-0 defeat at Newcastle which looks like it will keep him sidelined for this weekend’s game against Udinese.

Del Piero, an ever present for club and country so far this term, missed training today and won’t be risked ahead of the crucial Champions’ League game against Feyenoord next Tuesday.

Coach Marcello Lippi will replace Del Piero with either Marcelo Zalayeta or Marcelo Salas. One of those will partner former Parma man Marco Di Vaio.

Other striker David Trezeguet is still out with a knee problem but he too could be available for the Feyenoord home game.

In other injury news, Bologna will be without Giulio Falcone for the next four months. The defender has had surgery on knee ligaments he damaged in the 3-0 win over Brescia.

Source: Calcio Italia


Aww, you poor thnig:frown: I hope he gets a well-deserved rest:)



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Jul 16, 2002
As we learned on Tuesday, there is no such thing as a surefire win:

Juventus 1 Udinese 1

(Juventus 0 Udinese 1 - if they play that idiot Salas,aka Paramatti )


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Aug 24, 2002
i am very,very scared about this match after i saw possibility of trez and DP miss.....hohoho nobody excapt nedved,maybe zala or davids can score in Juventus when these 2 strikers are out. of course it is finnaly time to zambrotta full come back.... but still without No10 and No17 when you include montero.....i dont know,just lets pray....but whouuu i am not so optimistic after last 4 games without win ....hmmmmmmm if someone have to say something optimistic. DO IT NOW!!! Juventus need it!!!


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Jul 12, 2002
We must win Udineze-Feyenord-Modena and then we are ready for MILAN!!!!!!!I can risk the prediction that we will win all games including that of milan's.Guys please be a little bit patient with our performances and consistency we have many many games to be judged.
In my opinion i believe that we should keep in touch with the campionato's top position(no more than 5 points away)and qualify the next cl round(by winning feyenord).
Then we will reprogram our schedule and we will see who is who in our squad.
I believe (or i want to) that juve currently plays 60-80% of it's abilities.


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Jul 12, 2002
Ok, the Unidese game will be the test to Di Vaio and Salas to probe that they deserve to be in Juventus! we cannot continue playing DP in all of our games, he is not supehuman!! is not posible to win the scudetto with DP scoring all of our goals, so I say lest hope that Di Vaio and Salas finds the way to the net and FORZA JUVE!!!


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Jul 12, 2002
Personally I hope to see Salas and Di Vaio start, although Salas hasn't quite hit form over the last couple of games, I think we should have confidence in him.


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Feb 18, 2001
Zala would be a better option IMO. He's in a better shape than Di Vaio (the thingy form the first Newcastle game still influences him) and Salas (who is not in form yet). Di Vaio and Salas are similar, so we can maybe sub one and then put on another when we need a fresh set of legs.

Di Vaio and Zala with a help of Neddy and Camo, will work just fine! :)


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Sep 15, 2002
After watching Salas against Inter, I think Zalayeta should be played. I mean, look against NC, as soon as he came on we started getting more dangerous. I'm also still bitter about Salas' miss vs. Inter.

I think our problem is our attitude. We're not hungry enough IMO. I think that if we had finished second last year we'd be playing with more urgency and would not be tying teams like Como.

As far as Lippi goes, he needs to stop trying to be a genius and making stupid *SS substitutions! Taking off Davids and Camo for Conte and Zambrotta is just plain dumb.

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